100 nations represented at Contoveros site

flag.pngSomeone from 100 different countries has viewed this site and my flag counter can attest to number of nations represented here.

I started to write a Blog some seven years ago and hooked up with a link that not only counted the number of persons viewing Contoveros, but determined which country that person was from. I placed the flag counter at the top of my Blog so that anyone — including myself — could readily see it on linking into Contoveros.It’s at my home site. (See Flag Counter for the latest count up to this minute. Trinidad is the latest country added to my list!)

The first count started on November 20, 2009. I believe it was from someone in the United States. but Canada was added very quickly as people from different parts of the world made their way to my home on the Internet. I became Blogging buddies with many people and would leave comments at their sites noting things I liked about their offerings and how their posts resonated with me.

 I wrote my first post in September of 2009. But I don’t remember why or how it came about. I remember something “freeing” me up  as I attended a funeral for Uncle Dominick, the last surviving blood relative of my mother’s family .I felt lifted and — dare I say — born again somehow! Writing was something I enjoyed. Let me rephrase that — journaling about life was what I feel I had been called to do . . . I still feel that call in my soul.

It took less than a year for me to pen 500 posts. Some 50 were reprints of poems or statements from books and people I had admired, including all 37 reprints of the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva!

Meditation and war highlighted many of the posts, as well as pinning of old loves and some old love songs. I tried to be authentic and write from the heart, but the ego got in the way sometimes and I wrote about politics and other things that kind of got me down.

In all, I’ve been encouraged by those who left a comment or two at my site. It inspired me to continue to write. Everyone writing a Blog should leave their two cents worth at another’s home site. Even if it is to say something as simple as “Hello.”


The first comment I got was six weeks after I created Contoveros. It was this little gem:

Ruby Cantu says:


I didn’t know how to reply to it and it took more about a month for me to figure it out.But I just sent Ruby a note saying “Hello”and  how much I enjoyed seeing her over the years! May friends from 100 nations click a like button on your page. Thank you!

6 comments on “100 nations represented at Contoveros site

  1. You were my very first comment. It felt so affirming & encouraging. Thank michael j for your generous & loving spirit. I know my posts aren’t very uplifting these days, but I am authentic & writing is cathartic. Thus, your loyalty means even more. Many blessings upon you, brother.


    • contoveros says:

      Posts don’t have to be uplifting all the time. Pain and suffering is part of life and it’s hard to see anything good when one writes about the darkness.
      Being authentic, however, is more divine. It is more real when we reveal what exists inside, even though it may be the shadow side that is crying to come forth . . .

      Good to see and hear from you my dear.

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  2. That’s a great milestone, Michael. I tried adding a flag counter to my site but couldn’t get it to work. You are very loyal in leaving a comment on my blog. And you know first hand how welcome a simple one or two word reply can be. It used to hurt me a little when people didn’t comment, especially the people “I” thought “should” be showing me support. I’ve since come to understand that people are busy, not interested, or who knows what else, and I try to let it go. It’s difficult when your pour your heart out and it often goes unnoticed. But, I see you. Do you see me? Hope the flag will wave for you forever. xoxo

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    • contoveros says:

      Blogging is fun.

      It is open me to a brand-new world. I like to think that meditation and writing go hand-in-hand when it comes to blogging. I get my best ideas when I still my mind and let something bubble from within.

      I believe you might just do the same with that well of goodness inside of you!


  3. bloodybutterfly says:

    Hey congrats! 🎊🎉


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