What would you buy if you could afford it?

I’d like to buy peace for the world even for just one day. To see Muslims hug Jews and Protestants smiling and shake hands with Catholics would be a wonderful site.

Have Greeks and Albanians forgive and forget what the Turks might have done. Let the Irish march this St. Patrick’s Day with British royalty in the streets of New York.

Peace would return to Syria where a guy named Paul found his true calling on the Road to Damascus. And Democrats would understand America would not be great without the support of Republicans and those who didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders.


There’d be more smiles shared and people would forget for one day all of the differences while focusing only on what brings us all together. Who knows? Maybe we could reach an agreement to make peace a reality the next day and the next and and then forever for the future of children everywhere.

Here’s my five bucks toward the cause. Anyone else care to pitch in?

(Prompt provided at Just Write weekly gathering)

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