Standing up for (and with) the News Media

While editorials from dozens of newspapers throughout the country are expected to be offered about the attacks on the First Amendment on August 16, I figured I’d get my two-cents worth in as a former news reporter.

“The dirty war on the free press must end. says an alliance of newspaper publishers. They are calling on all papers to lend their voice against the far-right attempt to make the mainstream media out to be an enemy of the people.”

I believe that the government must be checked by a free and thriving press. That includes newspapers, television newscasters as well as such news providers as NPR (National Public Radio) and my hometown radio station of KYW of Philadelphia.

Newsmen and women provide the news as carefully as possible knowing they are not infallible and ready to make corrections when mistaken. They try to be on target as much as possible as professionals and more importantly, as a service to their fellow Americans to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

I became a journalist shortly after Watergate broke some 50 years ago, seeing myself as a crusading reporter and a muckraker. I didn’t care about dangers I faced at crime scenes, fires or the occasional political battle at borough hall council meetings.


“Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

People should know what their government officials are planning and how it could affect them. The free press provides information on such things as road closings, the weather, and positions held by local, state and federal government officials.

Yes, the media often tends to sensationalize the news. Some news on the front pages is considered to be “bad news.” But in order to be a good citizen and compassionate human being, I believe one should be aware of forces affecting us and the lives of loved ones around the world.


That’s what is so frightening about the attacks on the press. The media is trying to share facts about people and events. Some government officials and their far-right adherents hate the facts critical of their positions. They denounce verified facts as “fake news” and urge unsophisticated followers to attack a Jim Acosta from CNN or a Katy Tur from MSNBC.

We need journalists like them to provide us with the news. Just like we needed an Ernie Pyle to let Americans know what life was like in the combat zones of World War II and a pair like Woodward and Bernstein to uncover the dangers of an imperial president who believed himself to be above the law!

Call for action to protect Free Press — Publish editorials on dangers Of Trump attack on Journalism

“The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” — Thomas Jefferson

6 comments on “Standing up for (and with) the News Media

  1. inhiscare753 says:

    Wonderful article! Priceless responses, filled with information.

    Standing Up
    Stand In Truth
    Report The Truth
    Together We Stand
    We Shall Not Be Silenced


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    • contoveros says:

      “Report the Truth”

      I like that.

      Seems to me I heard about others reporting the truth. They called it “The Good News!”

      It ended up changing the world . . .

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      • inhiscare753 says:

        Yes, Indeed!
        You are exactly correct “The Good News” continues to prevail, transforming people and changing lives to impact and make a difference.

        Continue to shine in the places and spaces you occupy.


  2. I think bloggers are supplanting the free press. Is an institution synonymous with truth. I certain agree the press is not an enemy of the people, but I do think there will never be another Watergate story

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    • contoveros says:

      Blogging has indeed helped provide more information to the world. So has Facebook and the e-mails we check out each day.

      But I disagree with the Watergate analogy. I believe we are seeing leaks to the press and cable news shows weekly. Remember that much of what Woodward and Bernstein got came from a government source nicknamed “Deep Throat” who turned out to be an FBI official.

      There are people in government who know facts that can be critical to the public and they’re serving as confidential sources. I had one or two at my small newspaper and I would go to jail before telling anyone who they were.

      Hopefully, we’ll see a happy ending as we finally “put to bed” the final edition of the news of this sometimes surreal era!

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      • Turning the tides this morning I caught the interview of Amorosa with Savannah Gutherie and she is certainly letting it all out! So I have to agree, breaking news today will be less structured than in the Watergate days, but none the less it will break and the Apprentice on Steroids may finally OD!

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