Gabriel’s Message Enlightens the moment

The following is Gabriel’s Message as channeled by my good friend Cyndi Smith:

Your soul does not completely fit inside your body.  Some of your soul remains in Heaven in what you call your higher self.  Much of it is here inside of you but the part that overflows your body is called your aura.  

Your aura is your first line of defense.  It can pick up intrusions into your space long before your other senses kick in.  It extends out about 6 feet from your core, but this can vary.  If someone or something enters that field you “feel” it.  As you become more intuitive with your body and soul you can use this outer layer to help you ward off disease and alert you to any danger that is near.  

Your aura is seen as a color field.  If you could see the colors you could read someone’s aura.  The colors indicate what state your body and mind are in.  If your aura shows lots of red then that suggests stress, anger, fear, sadness, or disease.   Colors can also tell where there are issues in the body.  If darkness shows up in a body part it could indicate the disease is possibly centered there.  Green means you are in your heart and more at peace within yourself.  

You feel with these outer bands more than you know.  If you are at a party and someone walks in, even if you don’t see that person, you may feel a change in the atmosphere.  The person could be full of light and fun and add an additional charge of happy energy to the party or a negative person could enter and the whole party could suffer from the energy that person brings.  You are made of energy and wherever you go you leave traces of your energy behind.  Some of you can “feel” the energy of places better than others.  But each of you has this ability.

May “Happy Energy” come your way today and every day of your life!

You may meet a person for the first time and have an immediate connection with them, it could be positive or negative.  Most likely you are remembering them from another lifetime.  Your soul’s energy signature is just connected to theirs.  We change looks with each lifetime but your soul’s energy does not change.  Your soul carries memories of each lifetime you’ve had and these accumulated lifetime memories make up the current you.  Their accumulated effect helps to create who you currently are and how you react in different situations.  Those past lifetime memories are just as alive in you now as your current lifetime memories are.

Auras can help keep disease out of your body if you keep your body healthy and clean.  It can repel many diseases at the outer layers if it is healthy and strong.  Once it breaks down the disease can enter more easily.  Dis-ease is just what it says, your body is not at ease or at peace within itself.  Your inner peace and balance play such a huge part in keeping you healthy.  

As you grow in your spirituality your vibration levels increase.  For most of you, these levels have been rising and they will continue to rise.  As your vibration levels rise many of you can aid others just by being in close proximity to them.  The higher vibration levels in your aura rub off and assist others as they take in these higher levels of vibrations.

Your soul is remarkably strong and can withstand so much.  It can’t be killed but it can be hurt and weakened.  Honor your soul, this magical part of you that makes you unique.  Care for your body and strive for the peace that will keep you in balance.  As you stay in balance and grow, higher levels of communication are easily opened to you.  Never forget you are a remarkable, enlightened, and everlasting being.

(Cyndi is a member of the Center for Contemporary Mysticism, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, and is a medium who provides insights through her blog called Gabriel’s Message. Check it out!)


Note: Cyndi just published a book that channels Gabriel’s messages. It is entitled: “Gabriel’s Messages – Encounters with the Archangel Gabriel that will inspire and help you understand the Divine Universe.”

7 comments on “Gabriel’s Message Enlightens the moment

  1. contoveros says:

    I just ordered the book that Cyndi Smith channeled entitled “Gabriel’s Message” at Barnes & Noble. Looking forward to reading it and commenting on it after getting a personal autograph of her writings!

    Getting a copy of the book several days ago, I wrote a blog post about it:


  2. LaDonna Remy says:

    This is a lovely way to understand our soul and aura.

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