Gabriel’s Messages – available to all souls!

“Gabriel’s Messages” opened my heart to so many truths not only about life but of the transition of death, and I hope that others can read this wonderful book by my friend, Cyndi Smith, a fellow member of the Center for Contemporary Mysticism of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

It offers hope to a world that seems so weary about bad news for it predicts a new order of things 25 years from now. For instance, a “food tax” will be developed and help to send food to all corners of the world to end hunger; fossil fuels will no longer be used and be replaced by battery power or renewable energy. and medicine will become universal – we will be able to see any doctor in any part of the world.


Cyndi, who once had a near-death experience, is a medium that has channeled the Archangel Gabriel’s voice for several years. In her book, he informs us that angels are helping us daily with a transformation toward a higher level of light and frequency that will strengthen our auras and open our Crown Chakra for much closer contact with the Divine.

“Love is the fuel,” says Gabriel and he shows how it courses through all living things, trees, rocks, animals, and even stars. The more we give of our love, the more we receive in return. And upon our death, we will be able to review our life and see how we treated our fellow human beings while feeling the weight of our decisions as they were received by others. That would include the good and the not-so-good and whether we accomplished the goals we set out to achieve during our previous incarnation. Yes, Gabriel tells us that reincarnation helps us try to complete what we had originally planned to do in the first place.

Messages downloaded over the past several years to Cyndi Smith

Mother Mary and Jesus also share messages as well as Archangel Metatron. All speak about dealing with life and how to be kind while surrendering to God and the perfection we already have within if we open ourselves to it with the help of meditation and silence. Also included in the book is a blog article I shared by Cyndi several months ago about “Beings of Light.” (See Gabriel’s Message Enlightens the Moment.)

The book’s full title is “Gabriel’s Messages – Encounters with the Archangel Gabriel that will inspire and help you understand the Divine Universe.”


I highly recommend the book to everyone and am so grateful to have met persons like Cyndi through the Center for Contemporary Mysticism which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary after being formed at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Chestnut Hill in 2013. Thank you, Cyndi. Thank you, Gabriel!

6 comments on “Gabriel’s Messages – available to all souls!

  1. wolfshades says:

    It’s an interesting message; one that I’ve been hearing in various places lately. That light workers are raising humankind to higher states of being, to be able to touch the divine. The fact that the message is being said by different people gives me great hope for us.

    I would love to see the day where we all contribute to the world food status so that all can eat joyfully, instead of just some of us.

    I follow a yoga master named Sadhguru. I may have mentioned him before, or if not, you may have heard of him. Through him I’ve learned some eastern yogic practices which I do daily in order to raise my own consciousness and stop relating so hard with my body and mind.

    One of the things they teach you is a sanskrit invocation:

    Asato ma sadgamaya
    Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
    Mrityor ma amritangamaya
    Aum Shanti Shanti Shantihi

    It means:

    Lead me from untruth to truth
    Lead me from darkness (ignorance) to light (knowing)
    Lead me from death to deathlessness
    Peace Peace

    While all three are good, the first one is of particular importance to me. On his own advice, I don’t automatically trust or believe what Sadhguru has to say. He says not to adopt anything he says without first testing to see if it’s true. I really like that. It makes him accountable.

    So that’s my approach as well to Gabriel’s Messages. I like the message very much and want to see it happen. It is at the very least, hopeful.

    Man, you know. Someday maybe you and I will get a chance to meet and to share more of this kind of thing in person. I’d really like that.

    Thanks for such a hopeful message today Michael. I may pick up the book as well.

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    • contoveros says:

      “Lead me from untruth to truth!”

      What a great aspiration . . . I may just still this and put it in my bag of blogging tidbits.
      Never knew you were involved in yoga and had been following such a spiritual path that seems a lot like the one that I have been on but with a different name. They all seem to be leading to the same Divinity that exists in all of us once we learn to practice ways to elevate our consciousness.

      It would be great to actually meet up in person. It is something I would like to put on a bucket list and strive toward someday. Maybe one or more of our guides or angels can help make it happen.

      Michael J Contos

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  2. cabrogal says:

    ‘Archangel Metatron’, eh?
    Is that any relation to President Executron?


    • contoveros says:

      Metatron is the greatest of angels in Jewish myths and legends. His stories are predominantly found in mystical Kabbalistic texts. He is variously identified as the Prince (or Angel) of the Presence, as Michael the Archangel, or as Enoch after his bodily ascent into heaven. He is commonly described as a celestial scribe recording the sins and merits of men, as a guardian of heavenly secrets, and as God’s mediator with men.

      – this is all according to the Britannica articles on the Internet. In Cyndi’s book, he is mostly concerned with kindness and how being kind to one another is a major step toward the Divine.

      It is similar to how kindness is viewed in Buddhism. — the Dalai Lama’s dedication to the virtue of kindness is obvious in this famous quote about his religion: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

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      • cabrogal says:

        “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

        I’m not sure His Holiness was talking about Buddhism here, which many consider to not be a religion at all as it has no deity nor a ‘divine’ to ‘approach’. It seems quite a stretch to sum up a tradition of over 30 holy books divided into 3 ‘baskets’ with one sentence. Even the Buddha himself needed four noble truths and a noble eight-fold path to outline the bare bones of his teachings (without once mentioning kindness).

        But setting that aside, I think ‘kindness’ is a very problematic virtue and not one I’d give primacy in the tradition of Kant’s ‘categorical imperative’ of truthfulness.

        The big problem is that being kind means very different things to different people – as hackneyed phrases like ‘being cruel to be kind’ demonstrate. It’s dependent on your empathy and understanding of the person you’re directing your kindness towards and your own notions of what in life is worthwhile and desirable. As such, ‘kindness’ is a parochial – even chauvinistic – virtue which is likely to be far more beneficial when directed towards people who are a lot like you and more likely to be harmful when directed at those who are very different.

        I’m not just being pedantic or academic here. As an Indigenous Australian I’m a member of a group who has undergone a lot of suffering at the hands of the well-meaning ‘kindness’ of white liberals. In fact it’s underway in this country again right now, with an initiative to ‘acknowledge’ the voice of Indigenous Australians in our constitution descending into the same old culture wars between conservative and liberal white Australians that always cut us down in the racist crossfire (though liberal racism tends to be paternalistically ‘kind’).

        As an illustration more relevant in your neck of the woods, here’s a clip of Paul Robeson singing a song originally written in the 1920s by two white Americans as a ‘kindness’ to African-Americans.


        • contoveros says:

          Wow, what a history lesson. Never knew about the song “That’s Why Darkies Were Born” and can see how it may have initially intended to be a song that was “kind” to blacks but turned out to be racist. I now realize why the Philadelphia Flyers of my hometown covered the statue of Kate Smith who sang at their home games when they learned of her recording of this song.
          Yes, kindness can be hurtful if we are not careful. Thank you and hang in there with the battle in your own country.


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