Acupuncture offered to help veterans

I’m getting therapy once again for my well-being!

Physical therapy, that is. Although I could probably use a little for my mental well-being. (Just kidding.)

I received an acupuncture treatment from an acupuncturist I had met years ago when I was treated for PTSD at the WON Institute in Glenside, PA.

I recently met the provider on a bus trip from the VA Hospital in Philadelphia to the 30th Street Station. She works at the hospital and gave me details on how to contact the powers that be to get an appointment.

The facility in which I received the treatment is named after Victor J Saracini, a veteran who was one of the pilots aboard the flight that was hijacked on September 11, 2001, in an attempt to crash it into the US capital. Passengers and crew members fought with the terrorist and prevented the attack when it crashed into a field in Somerset County, PA, some 20 flying minutes away from Washington, DC.

The treatment relieved so much stress and pain in my neck and shoulders and I have had easy movement ever since. I was diagnosed with moderate arthritis several years ago and I have had x-rays done showing slight problems around my neck area. Despite the treatment, my back still feels sore. (I injured it while jumping out of an airplane my first jump at Airborne School with the US Army.) But there might be a solution to help with that problem.

You see, the Veterans Administration provides massages for veterans following a consultation and a willingness to disrobe and place your face down onto a cot. I will be getting treatment later this week and then another acupuncture treatment about a week after that.

And one of the best things about it is that it is all free!

Now that is something to help improve my mental well being come to think about it . . .

12 comments on “Acupuncture offered to help veterans

  1. Acupuncture appeared to have helped my daughter with migraines. I’m glad it’s helped you.
    I’m glad you’re getting it “free,” although I would say as a veteran you have more than paid for it.


    • contoveros says:

      Thank you. I was amazed to find out that the VA hospital provided such a service for veterans. I think more of us would seek help if we were made aware of the procedures.


  2. contoveros says:

    The following messages were exchanged on Facebook recently:

    Patricia Muronoff Kalafut

    I had acupuncture once. It was a very interesting experience. I’m glad you got to try it out. Hope the massage helps!

    Michael J Contos

    Thank you so very much.
    Before Covid struck, I would visit WON Institute at least once a week.
    They offered a 40-minute treatment for only five dollars for veterans who appeared at 6 PM on Thursdays.
    I stopped when the pandemic hit and learned recently that the Glenside facility had moved to a place near Warminster PA.
    It feels good to have gotten the treatment and to look forward to other physical therapy provided by the VA facilities.


    Terri Kiral

    That’s great news, Michael. I recently had an experience with acupuncture as well. I suffered from terrible insomnia for nearly a year. I tried so many things, and then finally took a stab (no pun intended) at acupuncture once I found out our health insurance covered 18 sessions. After only a handful of sessions, I began to feel a difference. I continued on to complete all 18 sessions, because, well, why not? I found each session a wonderful opportunity for meditation/breathwork. They go hand-in-hand in my opinion. Being now a true believer, I will, without hesitation, turn to this method of treatment in the future as other ailments arise. I’m so glad you have found relief as well. οΏΌ

    Michael J Contos

    Thanks for your input. It is quite inspiring to anyone who has never experienced acupuncture or might have a fear of needles.
    Glad to hear you were able to overcome your ailment in half the sessions and continued on just the hell of it. Or the heaven of it!

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  3. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    Really “(Just Kidding)” EveryOne; this is exactly why “Mental Health” is like just totally STIGMATISED!!! EveryBody πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜… πŸ˜† 😁 πŸ˜„ The Cosmic Joke is that “veterans” are on the streets with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress DisOrder) and constantly asked to Move On bt The Police or arrested for vagrancy

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    • contoveros says:

      Wow. Never thought about that but I guess there are a few veterans who really need help in so many ways. I was lucky to have been exposed to meditation at a VA clinic for those of us with PTSD. It has helped me immensely and I recommend that the military offer it to servicemen while serving and when being discharged.
      I didn’t mean to make fun of anything as sensitive as mental health issues. We all got ’em and I guess I have to be careful in how I approach the topic from now on. Thanks for your insight and concern for veterans.

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  4. wolfshades says:

    Wow. Congrats, Michael. So good to hear the treatments are working (and free!). My work’s health insurance has just upped their game to a better plan for massage (more money allowed now – up to $500 per year), and has adopted acupuncture fully. I’m hoping to take advantage of the latter.

    Getting older sometimes really sucks. Always better than the alternative, of course – but it still bites the big one doesn’t it.

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  5. I’m glad you’re excited about it and getting what you need to walk on through. And yes, we all love FREE! But honestly, after all you’ve done — I feel like Veterans should never have to pay a thing for health and mental care. 😊

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