“Let It Go” Really Means Let It Go

Let it Go

by HYPERLINK “http://spiraltimes.wordpress.com/”HYPERLINKhttp://spiraltimes.wordpress.com/”Spiriality

You said:

“[If] . . .  we are not keeping ourselves open to the new opportunities that may appear . . . [w]e will miss them because we are still in our old mindset . . .”

Loved what you said above. 

To me, letting go means “surrendering,”  that is, consciously deciding to let your shoulders relax (“let them go” — feel them droop downward); your jaw unclench (bottom row of teeth can now relax) and your eyes to close (If you’re like me, there comes a sudden rush of ease and a sheltering from the outside, almost as if you can escape, even for only a few seconds, from the world “outside,” the visual world, and retreat inside to a friendly cave-like, restful hideaway within.)

Now, “that’s letting go. That’s letting the mind take a nap and your anxieties take a walk away from your consciousness. 

— Michael J   

[Meditation teachers remind me that the “cave,” is actually my “sanctuary.”]

*   *   *   *   *   *

spiriality said:

You are totally right. 

Thanks for the comment! 

(comment was “let go” sometime .  .  .  somewhere  .   .   . somehow    .     .     .)  


One comment on ““Let It Go” Really Means Let It Go

  1. Tony Lee says:

    Really Good Reading


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