Mother Nature’s Quick Fix Heals the Blues

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 by HYPERLINK “”HYPERLINK”laurapenpusher 

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Watching the birds does help. So does meditation so long as you can nudge out not only the bad thoughts, but all thoughts that could intrude upon the present: the watching of birds, the chirping of the birds when you close your eyes; the feel of the sun as it warms your body.

That is “being in the moment” away from PTSD.

They taught us meditation while attending a PTSD program for veterans at an inpatient program in the Coatesville, PA, VA Center.

It helped so much that our weekly sessions became daily ones, and I heard only recently that veterans are meditating in a group of “community” twice a day now.

PTSD may be incurable, but it can be manageable.

Thanks for sharing!
 — Michael J

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laurapenpusher said:

Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I’m into meditation as well and yes, it’s probably the greatest method for me to get back into the here and now and away from a negative and back into a positive mode

 And yes you’re right about it sometimes being difficult to block out all the distractions! That’s when I use Mother Nature to give me a “quick fix”, to get me back on track.

Within moments of listening to the birds, the wind in the trees, even cars on the highway, imagining where people are traveling – it’s a quick way to get back to the present for those unfamiliar with meditation.

(comment generated while outside with birds, the wind and the sun)






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