Voice Needed to Keep Us Men Folk In Line

There’s no such thing as “girlfriend aggro” by PottyMouthMommy

You said 1 day ago:

Holy Shit!
I stumbled on your post from a thread on “anger” and it blew me away.

I’m a guy who never really looked at things from that perspective before. I don’t play the dungeon and dragons stuff, but I used to stay glued to a football and/or baseball game come hell or high water.

Was my wife seething in the other room because of my sports mistress?

“unicorn rainbow poop”

I gotta remember this line. You have a way with describing something in such earthy, easily relatable terms that makes it a joy to view and ponder.

But would you have been so inspired to bring forth such an informative and entertaining post if life provided you with a rose garden?

Ok, ok, you’ll take a rose garden any day over a life of thorns, weeds and creepy, crawly, critters sometimes called a spouse.

You “are” appreciated. You ARE loved. You are “needed” to share your voice with both the better half (you women) and the lower half (”some,” . . . all right, . . . “most” . . . damn it!, do I really got to say . . . “ALL” . . . men?) [present company excluded, particularly when you will only be able to see or hear me bellowing out words that’ll appear on a “man-made” computer terminal. {Crap. The automatic edit machine wanted me to change “man-made” to “synthetic.” The computer has no balls, let alone an eye for literary art   .   .   .    Humph!}

Please continue with your contributions. It could help keep some of us in line or to get “back” in line.]
Michael J

(comment generated from post on spousal (righteous) anger two weeks ago)

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