A new You: there at the stroke of a key

Am I in trouble?

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

Why do crazy things always seem to happen to me?

I wrote about my Blog being “banned” at a Christian school’s computer lab, and the next thing I know, I’m getting a note from the gods here at WordPress offering to help me change my newly created way of life.

Website: Primary Source Appears in this Blog Ban 2 « Contoveros’ Blog (IP: , web2.admin.sat.wordpress.com)

Somebody wants to know if I want to start a new Blog. It was one of several notices I got from WordPress, giving advise on creating a new me, a new persona, a new . . .  everything!

Wait a minute.

Could someone outside of this FishBowl of an Internet actually believe what I wrote? C’mon. Don’t they know about hyperbole? You exaggerate something to create tension and give a reader a solution to help solve whatever story idea your writing creates. It’s just another form of communicating. I didn’t mean it when I asked if anyone thought I was a . . .


(See There’s no need for me to adopt a new Blog. You really think someone is going to hold that post, that story line against me?)

What’s that? The police? Philly cops, you say? They say I did WHAT? TO WHOM?


Oh well, starting “a fresh” ain’t such a bad idea, is it?

Too bad we can’t do it for every moment of our lives. that is to start over and really live “in the moment.”

Bybeing in the moment.

A new.  Without thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow.

Now that’s a new ID I’d gladly adopt at a moment’s notice!


One comment on “A new You: there at the stroke of a key

  1. Does her age really count?


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