Letting Go to “Let God” for under $19.95

Got inspired from a glimpse of another’s soul the other day and it cost me nothing.

Nada. Zippo.

Not a penny.

Yet, it was worth the price of admission to the Blog, or simply the time it took to absorb bits of a message that resonated with my soul, my true being.

We talk a lot about “letting go,” but what are we actually trying to do? Let go of our fears, anxieties, our bullheadedness?

And what, or whom takes control, takes over us as we blank out the “negative agitators,” as one observer recently called the baggage of our past and concerns for the future? We can go on auto-pilot, sailing  about our daily business, making the easy decisions as we let another Source guide us along the waterways. We must trust that Force. It contains nothing but Goodness, and is concerned only with our best interests.

Some people call that Source God.

That was the message I got from Dana, which I think you may want to investigate yourself. Here was my reaction: 

If God Had His Way by Dana

You :


Ever think that God flows through our fingertips? Like when we are typing on a keyboard, and the “me” kinda disappears.

I let the words flow. sometimes, not even looking up from the keyboard, letting my heart dictate the series of expressions that form.

I feel an abundance of love, that is, if the “I” can get out-of-the-way, I believe that a good message, an advertisement for God will appear. No, it won’t cost you $19.95, shipping and handling, not included.

But it might just inspire you to help lift someone else’s spirits, like you have done with the “me.”

Maybe just with a half smile, an uplifting furtive glance.

A few lean paragraphs on a post where a gate opens wide for Goodness Sake.

You got me with your writing. Post us again and again. Some addictions can be better than others!


Michael J,

Service can really be fun! As long as it God-filled.

Dana said :

Yes, Michael! The best writing (and moments in life) are where I disappear and God takes over. Funny how hard that is to remember…

Much love,

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