Meditation opens a new path way home

Driving should always be this much fun!

I’m talking about my ride home from an “introduction to meditation” class I took at Montgomery County Community College the other night (Southeast Pennsylvania, about 20 miles outside of Philadelphia). Our instructors talked us into a place where I asked two simple questions: “Who Are You?” and “Who Were You?” We took part in an exercise to find our other “Self,” and I met what I have come to describe as a friendly  “pathfinder.”

 An image of an oil lamp materialized in my mind, as I sunk deeper into this directed meditation. The lamp was the type used in Biblical times or, as my thoughts revealed, the “magic” lamp that the stars of “A Thousand and One Nights” first appeared, Aladdin and the Genie!

My lamp remained unlit throughout the 10-minute meditation. When the conscious world returned with the opening of my eyes I saw Persia.  Persia in the time of  that famous book and the Genie and. . .  Next I saw a world in which I have only recently discovered, the world with the love poems of the Sufi, a religious sect out of ancient Persia whose adherents wrote volumes of enchanting verses to their “Beloved.”

I first had contact with the Sufi following Part Three of a three-part post I wrote at the beginning of my Blogging here. I spoke about how we can serve God by serving Humanity and got one of those “related posts” for an article describing the Sufi belief in serving God through the serving of all creatures in Creation, particularly, the ones who need it the most, us humans.

I next encountered the Sufi in a book which exposed me to a taste of their poetry and how I had “longed” to be with my “loved one” all of my life, and that it was this “longing” that constituted the real creation of the Love, a “yearning” to be with God, the “Beloved.”

What can Love of God possibly have to do with loving the ride home from Blue Bell to Conshohocken, PA?

Working meditation” is that type of openness to the moment, the “living in” the moment that mindfulness practice generates. I call it my “love cruise,” when I am driving in that state of awareness. For the first time, I noticed the road spanned hills and valleys, coasted “down” a section of the land and then “up” the next. I had never bothered to notice the lay of the road before; never took the time to “feel” its contours even though I had driven this way dozens, perhaps even, hundreds of times.

I drove my car “mind fully,” and was “alive” in each moment, allowing myself to enjoy the newly seen jaunt  from school to home. I wondered what it must have been like before they concreted or paved over this road, this one-time path possibly first walked by the Lenni-Lenape Indians. Later, the Welsh and German farmers in the “hinterlands” of Philadelphia who called the different lays of the land by such old names as “crests,” ridges,” and “valleys,”  anything but the word “road.”

I felt connected with the roadway. I felt in tune, in one with this old time-worn path.

Meditation lets me experience the mundane this way, enriching my every step, my every drive.

9 comments on “Meditation opens a new path way home

  1. Snædís says:

    Computers = Confusion

    A good friend of mine came for a visit whilst I was writing you a note, and she logged herself into her own wordpress page on my computer. After she’d left I pressed ‘submit comment’ and now my note to you has appeared under her name…

    I just wished to clear the possible confusion 🙂


    • contoveros says:


      Thanks for the info, Entity Jane sounds pretty cool. You mean to tell me that you actually know someone in real time (the physical world) that can talk to you face to face and not blog to blog?

      Amazing! Technology is great, but it will never replace the human touch.

      Michael J

      Liked by 1 person

      • Snædís says:

        Hahahaaa! You are funny 🙂 Thanks for the laugh… Yes, thank God there are still some physical humans left in our lives!



        • contoveros says:

          God, I forgot what your smile looked like and I’m glad I returned to this post to get another gander at Snædís.


          michael j
          no particular
          place to go


  2. entityjane says:

    Ah yes the moment… ‘Beauty’ has become an indicator for me whether I am in the moment or not as from within it all physical things vibrate.

    It is such a profoundly simple thing the moment, and yet such a difficult thing to remain in – or until it is not…

    You have mirrored the moment perfectly with your words; thank you for the timely reminder.



  3. Another beautiful post Michael. When such a drive becomes a “love cruise” the “Beloved” is clearly on-board.


    • contoveros says:

      I was going to write that I felt I was having an LSD flashback, but I think it would have turned off too many people.

      It was a really good “trip” without it.



  4. buddhatrain says:

    What a fine post. I want so much to extend my own meditation practice to daily life, to be more mindful – you have captured given me a sense of what that would be like. Thank you.


    • contoveros says:


      It all starts with “letting go” in, and to, the moment. Once I realize that I am part of a car, a seat in the car, the road and the land around me, I can better relate to the all.

      Thoughts intrude some times. But when I am “in the zone,” I could ride ’til the end of time.


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