Life Lessons Seen In Window Watching

 Window gazing can often answer some of Life’s Questions.

I look outside,  see nature moving, and learn lessons about how to enjoy living in a matter of a few seconds. Let me show you what I digested just now: 

Small birds flutter by a bird bath that rests on a hill some 100 feet up in my back yard. I see them as I sit at the terminal, and I enjoy this disturbance of my writing. They announce that life is here as well as out there. And when I need to, I can leave this semblance of reality, this extension of my Self and You, to commune with them in Nature.

Closer to me are the squirrels, some of whom have eaten the six peanuts (in a shell) I leave out for them daily. They join with the plain ordinary sparrows and the more majestic motherly looking (at least that’s how they look to me!) mourning doves.

Saw a falcon (or was it a hawk?)  on the concrete lip of the bird bath last week. Talk about majestic!

His presence was announced by the squawking of our rooster, warning the new “mother” hen to guard her self and his offspring, the baby chick, both of whom were seeking refuge beneath a bush less than four feet from the falcon’s keen eye. I chased away that falcon. Rooster earned his keep.

That sombitchin’ Rooster is now my hero. At least until the next time he wants to challenge me by pecking at my feet when I turn away from him while feeding the fowl. Why do roosters think they can “kick ass” all the time?

Fearless bantam. You’re going to lose almost as many times as you win.

But I guess the purpose of a rooster is to do just that, battle every day . . .  and now and then . . . win the applauds of eyewitnesses who marvel at your strength and fortitude.

I see a lot of you know who in you.

(Try your own gazing; let your heart and mind merge. Might see some Truth develop outside as well as within.)  

One comment on “Life Lessons Seen In Window Watching

  1. Wonderful post! The little ones of nature speak to my heart in the same way. Thanks for sharing this with us. Steve


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