42 comments on “And, you can count on it, by Jove!

  1. nursebelva says:

    Love reading your blog. It inspires me to be a better person. Belva

  2. Stephan says:

    Hi! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 4!

    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Carry on the excellent work!

  3. alywaibel says:

    Hi Michael! I’ve been a little out of touch lately with blog friends. I hope you are well. Just checking in 🙂

  4. Liara Covert says:

    The love shared by everyone is immeasurable. To do selfless things, is to build energy and rejuvenate all.

    • contoveros says:

      “To do selfless things. . .”
      I wish all my actions could be altruistic ones. To help, inspire, heal. It’s a goal to work towards, and even if — and when — I fall short, I know that I have done some good each day.

      Nice of you to visit, Liara.

      michael j

  5. kalyani says:

    Michael, how much encouragement and love you spread!Wonderful

    • contoveros says:


      I see Life as a Game sometimes, Kalyani, and want everyone to have as much fun as I have, as I receive daily. Kabbalists might say we should want to “bestow” some of that “fun stuff,” that “pleasure” onto others, so we can all share in the secret of the Universe: “Life is Good!”


      michael j

  6. OC says:

    And Pakistan makes it to your top twelve 🙂

    • contoveros says:


      11. Pakistan
      12. Sri Lanka

      June 27, 2010

      Twelve? Look again. Pakistan climbed to number eleven! Surpassed Sri Lanka!

      Gotta a kick out this. It’s the little things in life that usually make for lots of fun. Thanks.

      michael j

  7. souldipper says:

    Michael, I don’t know if you are a father or not, but it would be incredible to have one like you. Look at all the times you have supported those of us new at blogging! You left your fingerprint and stole a piece of my heart! Thank you for your non-random acts of kindness! – Amy

    • contoveros says:

      Yeah, I’m a dad of an 18-yr-old who is turning out to be a pretty cool person in spite of all of my parenting mistakes.

      We worked together on Father’s Day, 2010; cleaned up the patio in the heat. Ate lots of strawberries, grapes and cantalope from the fruit basket I got as a gift for Sunday. We bonded nicely, then watched a thriller invloving 10 to 20 murders in the city of Philadelphia (“Law Abiding Citizen,” I think it was called.) Now that was a great way to spend time together.

      Almost as nice as spending time with newcomers to the world of Blogging. Keep up the good work!.

      michael j

  8. M. M. says:

    I was just giving it a look and couldn’t help noticing, so, commented. I’ll surely check out your blog in detail later. Regards. 🙂

    • contoveros says:

      Someday, someway we will find out what the M.M. means. Or, you will keep us in suspense and tease us with the mystery of your deep dark secret . . .

      Well come.

      Hope you like the Philadelphia humor. It’s a mix of Rocky, the boxer, and WC Fields, the . . . well, the guy who asked to have the following words placed on his grave stone: “On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia!”

      michael j

  9. M. M. says:

    Where’s Pakistan’s Flag? 😀

  10. nerdten says:

    Hey, thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog! I’ll be sure to follow your blog, and any other good ones that I come across.

  11. Jano says:

    and here’s one from Jordan added to your list 🙂 interesting blog you have here..

    • contoveros says:


      Finally! Someone who has seen first-hand the Arabian Desert.

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the window-shopping.

      michael j

  12. aliciadudek says:

    Hi Michael,

    Your reader count is totally envious, but man you work for it.
    We had locked ourselves in my living room for the last week finishing up our report and podcast.
    Can’t wait to share it with you.
    Oh and thanks for spreading our project through the blogosphere. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and involvement.
    I will be in touch.


    • contoveros says:

      The only thing that really “counts” is what you think of your own output at a given point in time. If you put your “all” into a writing or a project, then you have truly lived and served your purpose. That purpose can change from time to time and so must you.

      I look forward to your report. Hope to see the growth of projects like these in the future.

      michael j

  13. pcadams says:

    I’m using it now. Fun to see the flags!

  14. adriannovato says:

    hey michael

    you just visited my site, thank you for the comment, have you had a chance to open the alchemist?


  15. Michael i just came to your blog. . . really look forward to spending sometime reading through your posts. Looking at the tabs can tell your blog will be one i shall enjoy and learn from. . .I worked with PTSD for many years as a professional and now inhabit the spiritual landscapes after years dealing with the landminds of PTSD and related fields of mitigation in Capital cases . . . Just the first page tells me know we are kindred souls. . . .i will add you to my blogroll and check in with you often. . .

  16. hellowong says:

    Hey Michael, was reading your comments in my blog and follow the link here. Nice blog you have. It’s good to read. Cheers!

    • contoveros says:


      Amazing how a person can grow by simply opening to another’s out look. I’ll keep looking your way and we may both be guaranteed some consciousness raising!
      michael j

  17. blissbait says:

    Hi Michael! Thanks for the wonderfully cheerful hello You tossed my way! Hope You’re having a Great One! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  18. menakap says:

    michael j,

    you were the first commentator on my blog and you came back again yesterday. Was good to see you back again 🙂 i will sit down tonight and throughly read your blog – i think there is a lot we can share. I must give you an update on my shackled situation! it has since got much better. Email me if you care to know more. Also, i would like your thoughts on my latest entry – Help? If you have the time, would value your opinion.



  19. caliblue says:

    hi michael!

    you were just on my page…ty! i came to visit and i was enjoying the Falcon story…but could not find part II! i love the story!

    you have so much on your page. i will certainly come back. you gave me an idea on photographs…be looking for something akin to it. 🙂

    thanks again..maria aka caliblue

    • contoveros says:


      Good to hear from you. Next time you check out the falcon, go to the bottom of the story, where it says “See Part 2.” There is something called a “hyper-link” right next to it. Simply put the pointer of the mouse over the line. It will flicker. Hit the mouse button and you’ll be sent to Part II

  20. blissbait says:

    Hello! Thank You! You just gifted me a great laugh! I love the title. Actually had to stop for a minute and think about it, which made me giggle. Adding one more from the USA to Your tally. Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  21. Hi Michael, I just loved reading this post this Sunday morning. I am so happy for you that all your journeying through meditation, tapping and other forms of healing is bringing you so much peace. To share your experience is a wonderful gift to others because often this is how we draw our inspiration to find faith in the process (I for one need this inspiration often). I cracked up reading your concluding words by the way…so true, oh so true !

    • contoveros says:


      You are inspirational. I wish I could touch people the way that you do with your art.

      But, isn’t that why we are here, on this forum, expressing ourselves to others in the hope of reaching that one person who might understand you or provide you with the key to your understanding?


  22. memoryofagoldfish says:

    hey you commented on my memoryofagoldfish.wordpress.com blog asking if acupuncture worked. Yes and No. It helped with a lot of things. But I have a lot of blood sugar problems and I didn’t notice it helping with that. I wanted to continue doing it but it is something that costs money constantly and I just couldn’t afford to continue. I believe it does help for a lot of things.

  23. spiritteacher says:

    Dear Michael, I had to visit you after you visited me. I love what you have to say and the way you say it. You are a wonderful writer and teacher, down to earth and your humor is delightful. May I add you to my blog roll? Peace, Sharie at Sending Joy.

    PS I responded to your questions on my site.

    • contoveros says:

      We are here to “serve man” is a quote from some old Twilight Zone show. It involved aliens, taking humans off Planet Earth to be “served” as dinner on their planet.

      I hope Rod Serling does not mind if I paraphrase his work and say that we are here to serve “each other.” Please add me to your world.

      Will read you later.

      michael j

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