Feeling God’s Presence in this Moment

I never saw God in Santa Claus.

I see Him in the flight of a seagull, as the bird flaps its wings and soars in the air. While watching, I feel God’s presence, as my “vision” takes on the view of a single observer, the only one in this, the center of the universe.

Center of universe? Sound crazy?

Not really. When I marvel at the Creation of a single bird, I see God’s intent in all creatures, including myself. Don’t need to analyze it, categorize it or rationalize it. Just “be” with it, this reality that I am experiencing and viewing now.

Bliss fills me as I stay with the flight of the bird climbing higher outside my breakfast window. It captures all of my attention, and I see only the Hand of God in all of it. I don’t see or hear any distraction coming from others at the restaurant where I am dining. It’s just the bird,  . . .  Me,  . . .  And God.

Why am I enthralled in this moment? Because of something I read, perhaps. Someone mentioned a story of a girl who had seen God in “everything.” She  “felt” God in all. The youngster died before she was age 8. Right before her death, she said she saw her life turning “inside out.” Her image stayed with me.

Thinking of her, I wanted to find out if I could see the Almighty. I tried by simply looking out a window, and “feeling out” for His Presence from within. And you know something. I made Contact! He was not some Zeus-like figure with a white beard stretching his arm to touch the hand of man. God was (is) the “essence” of all I consciously focused on, with the prime intent of “experiencing” Him. I did not “see” anything, but “felt” His Presence.

(See Part II God’s Presence Realized at Breakfast)

11 comments on “Feeling God’s Presence in this Moment

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  2. accessiblebeyondlimits says:

    I love the imagery in this post. It reminds me to keep things simple. To enjoy. To be. Thank you for sharing this. I am also subscribing – you have a lot of good insight and I appreciate this.


  3. sidewalkbends says:

    That is beautiful.


  4. kim says:

    A lot of people feel they become more spiritual when they lose their hearing. I’m not sure if it’s because we don’t have all the white noise and chatter that maybe we’re seeing things differently. The first time I noticed it was a fall day watching yellow leaves drift on wind currents in front of my windshield while driving to work. It happened in an instant but became a spiritual experience– a moment of clarity where I felt connected. I’m not saying you can’t have this experience if you hear. There have been times in the past when music seemed to move my soul. I expect that’s why music is so often used during worship services. But before losing my hearing I never imagined I could be moved in the same way to leaves dancing on the wind. So that was my personal spiritual shift. Nice blog. I’m bookmarking you. :-).


    • contoveros says:


      You described it well: a moment of clarity!

      It’s like a shift in perception, a brief glimpse of reality that is “pure” and uncluttered.

      Is it a coincidence that we experience it while opening ourselves to nature?

      michael j


  5. Shadowplay says:

    Michael, this was a beautiful description of the essential “beingness” around us at every moment…. I’ve been reading Tony Parsons a lot lately and he uses the term, “aliveness” – describing life as totally and completely alive.

    Your soaring (might want to change the spelling above…) bird reminded me of that aliveness that is so incredibly easy to overlook.

    Big thanks for bringing me back to truth that truly sets us free.



    • contoveros says:


      I am now “Soaring” correctly thanks to you! Have to check out Tony Parsons; “beingness” is a great description for how I felt today. In “love,” would be another way to describe it, that is, in love with the simple beauty that is our world.

      It’s hard, sometimes, to switch your view from such a lens. I wanted to see this way forever, but eventually caved in to thoughts I had of others nearby wondering what this short Greek staring out a restaurant window with a great big smile on his face was all about.

      Thanks for your view!


  6. saradode says:

    Hey, Michael,

    You know, a lot of the time when I read your posts (this one in particular) I find myself thinking, “Please don’t change, Michael–don’t give up.” You’ve discovered such a wonderful, NATURAL, sweet relationship to the world (regardless of the hardships of the PTSD, which is in the end only an external trapping that you took on for a very good reason, and will eventually shed for an even better reason) and to the divine (which is right there in the world with you and all around you, as you express so beautifully here).

    Don’t stop knocking… 🙂



    • contoveros says:

      Couldn’t get on the computer at home. Told to “stop hogging” it, by family members.

      So, after breakfast I went to the library and “knocked” this out. It flowed easily, but I am a little concerned that someone will say I’m hearing voices or seeing letters in the air.

      Wait a minute. I have a friend who does that. I think it’s pretty cool. I get shivers because she might actually be one of those “mystics” you hear tell about in days of old.

      She’s walking the earth with us today, and all we have to do is “knock” on her door for a peek into the Divine.

      Doesn’t cost much. A little faith and a whole lotta Love!Thanks Nancy.


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