Listen: “Beloved” Calls to You and Me

I am calling to you from afar:  

Calling to you since the very beginning of days.  

 Calling to you across millennia,  

For aeons of time —Calling–calling . . .   

 Since always . . .   

It is part of your being, my voice,    

 But it comes to you faintly and you only hear it


 “I don’t know,” you may say.   

But somewhere you know.   

 “I can’t hear,” you say, “what is it and where?”     

 But somewhere you hear, and deep down you know.     

For I am that in you which has been always,    

I am that in you which will never end     

Even if you say, “Who is calling?”     

Even if you think, “Who is that?”   

Where will you run? Just tell me?     

Can you run away from yourself? 


For I am the Only One for you;     

There is no other,     

Your Promise, your Reward am I alone–    

Your Punishment, your longing    

 And your Goal . . . .   

— Irina Tweedie 

I offer this with grateful acknowledgement to Irina Tweedie, poet and author. It was published in “The Call & The Echo,” by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Copyright 1992: The Golden Sufi Order.


 The writing invokes something that pulls me to a Higher Self, perhaps the Highest. And I thirst for more.

If anyone should come in contact with the author, please express my soul’s deepest appreciation.

 — michael j

14 comments on “Listen: “Beloved” Calls to You and Me

  1. Wonderful quote.
    Someone mentioned books and I thought of “Zen and the Brain”–which I’m currently reading. Has anyone else dug into this tome?


  2. tinapeacock says:

    Oh boy, oh boy. You are so timely. Thanks for sharing. I needed that.


    • contoveros says:


      I need to know that all is well with you and your journey.

      I am contemplative more . . . maybe even a little more relaxed. Good to see a friend’s mugshot reminding me how nice it has been writing, communing, exchanging ideas as well as causing the other sometimes to become “stupid happy” with just a word or two.


      michael j


  3. Another wonderful poem, Michael J. Had not heard of this particular poet, but she sure sings in my heart when Iisten to her words.

    Thanks so much for sharing.



  4. Snædís says:

    Irina Tweedie. I came across her works for the first time a few days ago whilst looking for a poem to send someone who had lost a loved one. She indeed is gifted with expressing the inexpressible perfectly.

    Just like Eva Bell Werber… her ‘Journey with a Master’ is perhaps the only book of two others I probably will never part with. Thank heavens for the work of these kindred spirits.



    • contoveros says:

      I googled her. Put book on my “wishlist.”

      I wonder if she is alive? Would make “pilgrimage” to visit her, possibly in England.

      michael j


      • Snædís says:

        No need for long journeys Michael; the girls are as close as is your heart. Both have, as far as I know, already made their transitions. But hey, by now one of them might have incarnated as your next door neighbor. Everything is possible as we know!


  5. saradode says:

    I love that…sheesh. Thanks, Michael.



    • contoveros says:

      They say that Sufi speak the language of love.

      And, “I’m a believer!”


      • saradode says:

        I’ll say…Between that and “Song of Solomon”, I get faint! All those words of longing and bliss and timelessness and just plain downright sensuality…don’t ever let anyone tell you that those things can’t be spiritual, too. At least that’s the way I see it!



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