Who’s Calling Me This Time? Oh, it’s YOU!

Off to a Tibetan Buddhist Center in Philadelphia, PA. 

Did not know there were so many. Buddhist Centers that is. In the USA.

Actually, in North and South America. Throw in the entire Western Hemisphere. Guess Buddhism has been on the rise in recent years.

I hope not to worship any false gods. But to practice on a path that I feel has beckoned to me for some time now. No,  I won’t shave my head. Won’t take up a bowl and beg on the streets like monks who follow the traditional path sometime do.

Just want to see like-minded people and talk of Dharma, the Celestine Prophecy and maybe some Sufi poetry. Will even give up eating meat. But not fish or eggs.

I’ll let my energy commingle with theirs. Will any speak to me of Quantum Physics? That an individual can influence his own reality simply by his own intent? Will I experience Goodwill? Love?

Will my heart stop beating as fast as it did when I anticipated going on my first date? It was the anticipation that got to you, not the date. They were probably dorky, anyway. Remember?

Beloved” One. Is it You of Whom is calling my name?

Call me Again.

No, Better yet, call me Michael J.

That’s what my friends and loved ones do.

 When I “call” on them. 

(See Bhuddha “Bhuddies” for the first of a 4-part series on my visit)

7 comments on “Who’s Calling Me This Time? Oh, it’s YOU!

  1. Have a great visit (or retreat) at the Tibetan Center. The Tibetan family of Buddhism has so much to offer and has given so much to the West. (I think I mentioned that I really love Pema Chodron, and have most of her books)

    Keep us posted, IF that doesn’t get in the way of being there!


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  2. sidewalkbends says:

    Can’t say I picture you worshiping false gods. But I do picture you at peace with yourself. Thank you brother.

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    • contoveros says:

      You know, that is the first thing I asked when entering the Buddhist Center. “Don’t have to worship false gods, do I?” The Center’s greetor, a white-haired woman of undetermined age but child-like beauty, laughed and said no, making me feel at home and welcome.

      Gotta find out the terminoogy for some of structures there. Do Buddhist have an “altar?” Can I bring flowers to a service and will Buddhist enjoy them? Can I spread their word without completely understanding their language (practice)?

      Got a lot to learn!

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  3. Michael J.,

    Bon voyage to the Tibetan Center. Enjoy the co-mingling. Sounds terrific.

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  4. saradode says:

    That sounds so wonderful…wish I could go with you! Will you let us know what it’s like?

    I just stopped in for a short while at a Buddhist temple in Cambodia…just a collection of ancient stone structures on a hill, with little (very bold) monkeys wandering around shaking down the visitors. The monks looked so sweet and unencumbered and happy, fussing with their orange robes and giggling for a photo. I would have liked to stay there, I think.


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