Light shines from a trunk labeled ‘patience’

I sometimes feel that Patience waits for no man.

She can seem fleeting, but, she’ll never leave you; and, if you look inside for that virtue, you’ll see her light shining from the beginning of time. Patience will “wait on you” if you let her develop.

That’s the message I heard in response to a comment on  “DST #47 Tolerance and Patience” by heartsongmeditation. The more you embrace her, the more Patience will guide you. 


Focus on love and forgiveness.

Now, that is what I do whenever I meditate. I also throw in compassion.

Patience is tough. I need to work on that, but as I meditate, I find I am in less of a hurry with things, and I enjoy filling in the down time with some Zen lack of thoughts.

thanks for this insight, 

michael j


Patience is easy enough. It just tends to be an unpleasant thing to develop. The more pain you go through the more patience you will develop, just like the more time you spend raking leaves the more callouses you develop on your hands.

It’s not a very good idea to look at any virtue as a tough thing to develop, the negative affirmation doesn’t help you any.

The best approach is to recognize that infinite and perfect patience already lies within you. It is just another frequency of light and lies inside all children of the light, and is very easy to call up.

I think the easiest way is with a visualization. Look and see a steamer trunk labeled patience. Open it up and see the light pouring out. Feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it as the light fills the room, surrounds you and penetrates you. Feel the patience entering you and allow yourself to feel certain that it will never leave.

You can also try straight up affirmations, like “I am highly patient.”

I am going to be writing several songs with a lot of positive affirmations in them that people can listen to and sing along with to make saying affirmations easier, those will help too. I actually think singing the affirmations helps bypass some of the resistance that a lot of people have with affirmations.

heartsongmeditation 12/10/09

5 comments on “Light shines from a trunk labeled ‘patience’

  1. tinapeacock says:

    I am highly patient. I am highly patient. I am highly patient. Really.

    Oh, who am I kidding?!

    I am modestly patient. Usually.

    Gotta have something to work towards 😉


  2. Isayana says:

    Hi Michael,I’ve visited your interesting and helpful blog. I’d really like to go on in contact with it. Thanks for visiting “Englishwithpleasure” Be in touch!


  3. Patience is a virtue I do not have. Unfortunately. Even as I was reading your post, I skipped lines 🙂


  4. saradode says:

    It can’t be a “coincidence” (no such thing, I’m coming to understand!). I just read your “patience” post a couple of minutes ago, and I was going to comment that that’s a word I’ve been “hearing” (actually, I’ve been being told not to be “la’ah“–Hebrew for impatient) a LOT in the past couple of weeks. Then I felt kind of silly about saying it, so I didn’t comment. But sheesh…It’s been happening SO much lately, and it has occurred to me that maybe there’s a reason!



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