Second Opinions Sought for My Salvation

Psst! Hey You. Yeah, the good-lookin’ one with that Spiritual glow about ’em.

Ever seek a second opinion on how to get into heaven? No, I’m not talking about waiting until you’re dead. I mean, right “now.”

Ok, ok, let me change that term. Instead of “heaven,” how about a release from earthly desires and concerns. Hmmm? A little better? More doable for your immediate future?

No, you don’t have to sell me your soul. What do you think I am, the devil ? I’m not trying to tempt anyone. Just wondering out loud about my own “salvation” and how I don’t want to “squander away” my life seeking something “out there” when the way to “perfection” was within me all the time.

I love to meditate and receive what I call a small taste of the Divine. I believe it’s in all of us should we want it enough. Enough, that is, to give up an “ego” view of the world and trade in material goods for an upgrade for spiritual ones.

It must start from within, however, and if you try to find it in another person, you’ll hit a dead-end. Get no further than another detour, or half-way across a bridge whose use has been discontinued with no warning. You just start over again. But point your Self in the right direction, this time, and go within.

How do you know your path is the right one? If you get filled with love, not only for all other living beings, but also for yourself, then you can pretty much be assured you’re on the right track. Love comes from the same place you start your journey. From within. Not a narcissistic love, but a compassionate love that is full of forgiveness for all the imperfections of man. And/or woman.

For me, the biggest roadblock has been a fear of treading on a completely new pathway. Like walking to a foreign land, with my Self as the only guide. “Letting go” is something that I have had to learn to do with so many things held so dearly that they prevented me from even starting this new life. Once I began, however, many things simply fell away for lack of interest, lack of desire, lack of attachment.

Don’t hold onto a doctrine because someone once advised you to follow it. Get a second opinion. Go within. Seek the Love that flows from a Higher Source before making that new start. It’s just your life . . . and mine . . . that we’re talking about. Not some one else’s you believe they meant for you.

For more, see  Words of wisdom on not following doctrine

10 comments on “Second Opinions Sought for My Salvation

  1. Wonderful post, Michael J, and good wisdom about those “baby steps”….that’s actually the way the Buddha teaches it in the canon….work with what’s right before you….the end of the road, final release from all desires, is just a concept unless appearing through pratice, even though the Buddha’s third Noble Truth is indeed the “end of suffering”….

    I also loved your skilfulness in the metta work, using your innocent love as a 12-year-old, or your dog Willie…that’s exactly what many teachers say to do with metta….when I first started out, it was almost impossible for me to start with self-love, though that’s the first step of the “traditional” sequence….like you, I had to find something I felt that kind of free, pure love about, and then work my way back to self and certain others….now, loving self comes easier, I’m happy to say.

    thanks for sharing,



  2. sparrow says:

    very nice. . .


  3. JhanaJian says:

    Michael, you say, ‘how about a release from earthly desires…?’
    I say, ‘how about a release from ALL desires?’Desires are desires are desires.

    You say, ‘trade in material goods for an upgrade for spiritual ones.’
    I say, ‘Is a trade necessary? Does having spiritual goods necessitate giving up material goods?’ I don’t think so.

    You say, ‘Don’t hold onto a doctrine because someone once advised you to follow it.’
    I say, ‘Don’t hold onto a doctrine, any doctrine, for any reason.’

    What do you say about that?


    • contoveros says:


      You are right on all accounts. My suggestions are for those “less travelled” than you and I. Let them take “baby” steps, a little at a time. Let go of one doctrine until they realize they need no doctrine. Earthly desires first and then all desires. When you have spiritual goods I don’t see too much need for material ones.

      Very thoughtful.


  4. saradode says:



    Nancy (who is, as happens every so often and totally unexpectedly, pretty much dancing on air this morning and possibly even glowing, for reasons she wouldn’t even try to put into words–trying to send some of it your way too, Michael!) 🙂


    • contoveros says:


      I had you in mind when I wrote this. You and Steven and a bunch of others who have had to pull off shackles from the past to get to where we all seem to be going — on the right track in a spiritual journey.

      “These chains I forged in life,” warned Marley’s ghost to Uncle Scrooge. Breaking them was the first step we all took for our freedom.

      michael j


  5. an interesting theory, although I practice yoga asanas, I find it so difficult to meditate, my mind is always chattering, perhaps one day I shall be able to?


    • contoveros says:

      Lesley Treloar,

      I focus on the feeling of love I had for a 12-yr-old-girl when I was the same age. It is pure and innocent. I can also focus on my little dog, Willie, dead more than 20 years, but whose image still fills me with unconditional love.

      Now, focus on love you got within.”Feel” and hold it. Stretch it and blend it into love for your Self.

      (I have to forgive my Self at this point. But when I do, there ain’t no thoughts that have the power to break through my sense of “nothingness.” Nothing but the feel of love . . . for me, you and all the Cosmos.)


      • Thank you for that tip, I have heard of focussing on a candle but I can relate more to thinking of my dear Ziggy my cat who passed 2 years ago, whenever I think of her,she fills me with a warm glow 🙂


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