Hawk, tiger & sparrow send wake-up call

Part I in the Totem Series

Three animal totems appeared to me in the past few days, and I am putting the world on notice, that I plan to pay attention to what messages might be coming my way. The animals? A large hawk “preening” on a rooftop across from my house; two Bengal tigers who rushed at me in a dream, only to “play” with me as if I was a cub from their pack; and lastly, two ordinary Sparrows, that sought refuge while sitting on the right tire of a car parked in the lot of a  Target Store while shopping.

Hawks are notorious for bearing messages. Native American culture says the birds represent the spirit world, signifying a change in one’s life. I was driving home when I saw the hawk circling above my block  in Conshohocken, PA. It’s an old mill town, fallen by hard-times with the death of local steel mills, but rescusitated and thriving as a bed-room community for Philadelphia and the King of Prussia metro malls, as well as a great small town, Anywhere, USA.

Hawks generally don’t hang out in these parts. But, this one circled above a house across from my home. I stopped when I saw the hawk glide to a landing, placing my car into “park,” trying to see where the bird flew. He landed on the edge of a house, one that was about four houses up Spring Mill Avenue, where I live.

The bird turned around. It faced toward my house. It raised its wings like a “thunderbird” arising from a fire. The bird “preened!” He was showing off his feathers. “He?” Why am I calling the bird a “he?” The wing span stretched out some six or seven feet. I just read that the female hawk is larger than the male. This visitor was a “big” bird. And may have actually been a “lady” bird.

I cared not what anyone driving behind might have thought or said as they drove around my car, now with blinking lights on. This bird mesmorized me. Was it looking for the chickens and rooster in the yard across from the hawk’s perch? No. It was cold, and we did not let out the fowl.

The hawk slowly turned, as if it was showing off a new coat or an outfit. It appeared proud, majestic, ruler of all that the eye could see from that perch. I could swear it looked like the bird stretched out its chest, turning to the right as if Nature itself  choreographed the movements to provide such a splendid “modelling” display.

Too soon, the bird flew away, heading south. Thought nothing of it, until a day or two later when receiving the second and third visits —  both on the same day. I have learned enough on my Journey through deep meditation and a growing belief in the mystical possibilities our world provides not to scoff at what could be “signs.” I viewed these appearances from a “spiritual” perspective. One I’ve been cultivating the past two years. What could I lose from my efforts? If correct, I will have connected with a power far greater and loving than myself. If wrong, I simply lost some time and may have appeared a fool to those who probably already see me as one.

And now, for those who want “in” for some  more of these “things,” please take a look at the tigers.

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8 comments on “Hawk, tiger & sparrow send wake-up call

  1. sparrow says:

    I was taught by my Indian Grandfather to pay close attention to Hawks. . .Messengers, and someone would be bring a message, he also said that if the hawk was on the right the message would be positive and if the on the left the message would most likely be negative. If the Hawk circle above, then one needs to listen to Creator. . . .Also the Tiger is a symbol of Kundalini Ma. I have not known anyone that has began initiation that does not receive the visitations of the tigers, and they often come in pairs. It is suggested to ask the Tigers to be one’s protection for the Kundalini transformative process. . .And here is a bit more on Sparrow medicine; ” Sparrow Medicine is known as intelligent and has proved to be adaptable in most situations, including food, shelter and nesting sites It is also probably the most abundant songbird in the world. The biggest thing to remember about Sparrow is that he is ordinary and adaptable. . .

    The sparrow is a common song bird that reflects the significance of the common traits we share with others in humanity and life in general. The sparrow does not think of itself as common and will assert itself in life to assure its own survival. The sparrow as a totem reminds you to appreciate your place in the world. Sparrow teaches that you have self-worth. This totem can show up when you are feeling “less-than” as a reminder that you are a valuable player on the planet. It is good to remember that each person has something unique to contribute to the tribe. This totem can also appear to anyone who has been acting boastful or uppity to teach humility and charity for others.

    Michael i can only encourage you to listen to the animals. . .they have so much to teach. . .and Shamanic opening is just another language for the path of Awakening. . .it sounds like animal guides are going to be part of your teachings. . .

    On a side note just before i came to your blog, had just put up an entry in Ordinary Sparrow Nature blog on ways of seeing based on Shamanic, and Hawk is made reference to. . .

    I love synchronicity. .

    Have a good day dear friend. . .


    • contoveros says:

      I mention you by name in my latest post, “Joy found in Common Ground.”

      Why did our Christian forefathers not open the faithful to such a spiritual world?

      The Holy Spirit is depicted as a dove, for Christ sake. Jesus Himself was viewed as the Lamb of God.

      Why couldn’t there be love for all creatures in our religious backgrounds, not just humans? Why not see the spirit in all creatures just as we are told to see it in man?


  2. There are other Hawk totems – Red Tail happens to be the one who visits me most often.

    I try to always transcribe what I am given – if you ever want to see one you can, let me know.



  3. When I have visions – most often it is a Red Tailed Hawk, a Cat (large – house/alley type) and Crows.

    The Hawk is my protector – the cat, my companion and the crows are there to give and take as directed by the Hawk.



    • contoveros says:

      I’m new in this world of totems, but like what I have seen and “sensed” so far. How about that? We have a hawk and a large cat in common. (Not to mention a pesky rooster that gets me in trouble.)


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