Ring of truth played with bowls & forks

My shoulders have grown enormously since this afternoon. I feel they’re “indestructible.” That I have durable lightweight plastic pads all around the neck, the collar-bone and the head, as well as my upper chest and back. Energy of some sorts is protecting me from all harm to those areas. And it may be rubbing off on what they call the “chakras‘ to my heart and higher parts.

There is a new “aura” extending out from me, and I get a tingling sensation just by focusing on that energy. I am “lighter” and in more control than I have been in a long time.

What has brought me to this point?

Tibetan singing bowls. As well as a healing from tuning forks with their connections to the worlds all around us, as well as within. Took a 2-hour class Saturday at a Unitarian Church in Germantown, PA, and felt first-hand what vibrations from the instruments could do. Initially, their sounds became both soothing and amusing to me, touching the “kid” inside that still could appreciate the “awe” of something almost magical and other-worldly. The sounds of the several forks, attuned by experts to connect to the metaphysical, the mystical and the mystery of a Quantum-like physics, were displayed for nine students by Katryn Lavanture, director of a “Healing” Sanctuary in Erdenheim, PA, some 20 miles outside Philadelphia.

Each of some 30 instruments served different purposes, from “grounding” a person with the sound of “OM,” the classical chant one says to themself while doing certain types of meditation, to something called the “Zodiac” that helps induce calmness and peace. There are forks specifically designed to use during a New Moon to help rid you of unwanted energies, as well as another for a Full Moon to increase and emphasize a persons natural talents and abilities.

Each planet has its own tuning fork. So do a few asteroids, according to Ms. Lavanture, who also conducts monthly meditation sessions through her work with “Eco Libra.” (See Info@PeaceJoyLove.Us, and www.PeaceJoyLove.Us.)

“Sound has been used as a healing force for millenia,” she said. “Hearing and feeling sacred sounds helps create states of deep relaxation, joy, well-being, and healing,” she added. “This class explores sound healing through tuning forks both on and off the body, as well as through Tibetan singing bowls, and Chinese wind gongs.”

Several of us, Lois, Martha, Elizabeth and myself, took turns and worked in tantum on a “subject” seated in a chair. We made bowls “sing” by rubbing wooden devices in a circular motion around the rim of each bowl. We also gently struck larger bowls for a resounding musical note that seem to last for incredibly long periods of time. We “danced” around one woman, Frances, plying here with vibration after vibration, flowing from head to toe, side to side as if we we at some ancient ceremony performing a ritual to aid a member of our “village.” I got into it, and “glided” with the sounds, attaining not only calm and peace, but real fun and enjoyment,  bringing such joy to someone I hardly knew but wanted to help.

At one point, the class surrounded me as I lie on a wooden stage where they placed various bowls, big and small, new and old, with three of the most harmonic ones at both sides of my shoulders and at my head. They had the bowls sing and vibrate over and over until I felt my body “surrender” to the massage-like nurturing. I felt “totally fulfilled,” desiring absolutely nothing. It was Bliss!

Nearly six hours later, I still enjoy the effect, feeling energy flow through me and into this typing as I close my eyes, sensing that every word I choose will help get my message across.

Try this. You’ll like it. It’ll energize you and provide you with a ring of truth in your life.

12 comments on “Ring of truth played with bowls & forks

  1. JhanaJian says:

    Great article, Michael. One sentence in particular really struck me though, it brought back one of the most profound experiences of my life. I’ll have to change the subject a bit though in order to reminisce.

    You say, “I felt “totally fulfilled,” desiring absolutely nothing. It was Bliss! ” Well…

    Back in the days when I did such things, a friend gave me a little hit of a drug called psilocybin. I was game to try whatever drug anyone might hand me back then, so this was just one more drug-induced adventure for me. Little did i know what effect this experience would have on my life.

    First off, psilocybin is different from LSD. I know that psilocybin is referred to as a hallucinogenic drug, but what happened to me that day was not a hallucination, it was real. I know the difference, believe me.

    Anyway, my friend gave me the little pill, and she left. I spent the day alone, wandering around the north shore of Chicago, particularly the Lake Michigan beach/park area. It’s not important, though, where I went. What is important, I think, is what I experienced. And what I experienced was an indescribably PROFOUND feeling of peace — I had never in my life come even close to knowing such a deep and all-consuming feeling of utter peace. I wanted nothing!!! Nothing!!! I wandered alone the entire day engulfed in this feeling of perfect bliss. If I had died at any time on the spot, it would have been okay. I was so fulfilled.

    Say what you will about drugs, yes they are terribly destructive to the body and mind, yes they are too quick and easy, and too temporary, but…

    This experience showed me one very important thing in my life, it showed me what is possible, and it showed me how perfect existence is — as it is. And if you or I or anyone else can come even remotely close to knowing such peace as I knew on that day without the use of drugs, then bring on the bowls!


    • contoveros says:

      How can I compare the bliss I felt to the drug I took, LSD? Colors were more vibrant and I loved everyone and everything while on the “high.” I was given a going away party — off to Vietnam — and took blotter acid, afraid every second that someone would see through me into the scared child that really was me at age 19.

      LSD was a truth drug. I ended up telling one girl — my ex-steady at the time — that I was still in love with my other ex-girl-friend. By the time I “shipped” out for Basic Training, I had no girl waiting for me back home.

      I “felt the colors” once again when I was meditating with a group at a Meditation class.

      I felt on top of the world again when jumping out of an airplane in the Army and later while meditating with a Zen Buddhist teacher and a mindfulness group.

      And the bliss I feel right now on seeing you open your self and share with me what must be a private story you don’t share with just anyone, is equal to the chemically-induced feeling I got from the drug. But, now there is no fear inside. And, I can say I love you.

      Don’t know much about these “bowls,” but I can tell you their effect is really long-lasting. The procedure has “opened me” so much and allowed me to feel such a steady vibration of unadulterated love, that I could pass away right now with no regrets, save not seeing my son graduate high school in June.

      Sounds like you too have reached Nirvana before. You will recognize it again some day. It all comes from wthin. It may take meditation, a Tibetan singing bowl or falling in love with that special someone — (Your Self, again) before you find it. But, it’s there.

      Anyway, you’re too young to have experienced the 60s. C’mon. Fess up. You’re only 29! And you like to flirt too.

      michael j


  2. Christina says:

    Hello Michael,
    I had no idea there was such an art to use of the bowls and forks. I’ve always been stopped in my tracks at the sound of them – maybe I’ve been attuned to their healing qualities all along! I was giving a singing bowl as a gift, but the pitch is not pure. It wavers between two notes and has always bothered me. Did you learn anything about pitch quality from your class?
    I am new to the blogging world as of last week and I’m happy to have stumbled across your blog. Thank you!
    Peace and Joy,


    • contoveros says:


      I wish I could help you with “pitch,” but I’d be lucky to “lob” nowadays. Just kidding. No, we did not focus on pitch. Perhaps you could contact Katryn at the hyper-link following the words “Eco Libra” above.

      Well come to the world of blogging. I feel I’m doing something “worthwile” sharing ideas and comments. (got shut out by one person. And she was a Greek with the fabulous name of Kaliope.)

      michael j


    • Kathleen says:

      Hi Chris and Michael, I’ve worked with singing bowls for 10 years. The pitch may not be “pure,” for many reasons: 1) Bowls are made with multiple metals that each have their own pitch, so it is rare that a metal bowl has a single sustained pitch. (There are such bowls.) So maybe, it’s not a flaw at all, listen deeper. 2)Bowls ask for relationship with us, and they have consciousness and personality. I have a bowl that’s been with me for 10 years. It is over 200 years old. It is amazing, and the most temperamental bowl I own. It can play high or low, when I least expect it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 3) Are you playing too fast? Play nice and slow and let the bowl teach you its voice. 4) Is it the bowl for you? Some bowls come to us, but may not stay. My website is http://www.re-soundingjoy.com


      • contoveros says:


        It is a pleasure to hear from you, particularly with the expertise you can share with us. Your site has provided me with much information and I look forward to more “sounds.”

        (Heck, I went out and ordered the Sufi music book after brousing you. thanks)

        michael j


  3. lidiascher says:

    What a wonderful description of the session. I was there with you! I use crystal bowls, especially for clearing indoor and outdoor spaces. I like the crystal-I have one of quartz infused with gold for deep grounding, tuned to C and another for outdoors tuned to F. Sometimes I start meditation by stroking the “grandmother” as I call the C bowl. It is quite wonderful. But I love to participate in the learning expereince you describe. Yes, I can see your aura. It has made it to Boston! Have a great day!


    • contoveros says:

      How can anyone explain the “magic” that develops on hearing these sounds and feeling their vibrations deep within you? Never felt anything so “forgiving” and “right” before, for such an extended period of time. Even when I felt a little “uptight,” I sensed something within in me reaching out to calm me down while watching a “thriller” on Cable TV hours afterwards. The feeling manifests again when I return to this post, this site, reading comment after comment, scooping out the generous helpings of joy, and happiness and good will your response has generated. I got it both ways, in the writing, and in the reading . . .

      Too bad I can’t bottle this, and save some for next week, next year. But, if I listen again to the sounds, maybe I’ll re-experience this carryover of peace, contentment and love of Life.

      michael j


  4. Shadowplay says:

    Michael, this sounds fabulous! I really could “feel” what you were describing. I actually have a singing bowl from Tibet – I got it as a present from my parents a long time ago but never took it further than as a “nice gift.” I was even given a book on it – but did I ever read it?! Uh-uh. Nada. Zippo.

    And I just love healing energy! I will have to visit that website and find out more. Makes me wish we lived in a bigger city so that I could have access to these kinds of things. Oh well. The small town vibe is healing in and of itself, even though the lack of a spiritual community is sometimes rather yawning.

    You described your experience with such authenticity – so glad it made such an incredible difference for you.

    (and btw… thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog. I had to abandon it for a while and find myself again. you are a treasure.)


    • contoveros says:

      Your words serve as a healing right now. I am recapturing the “vibration” from two days ago. Talk about long-lasting effect. I feel bursts of love upon reading you . . . again and again.

      Maybe that’s the magic. The instruments help open us to the beauty, the love and compassion in others!!

      michael j


  5. kim says:

    This sounds amazing! I wonder if it would work for someone like me?


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