Malachite rocks me & all of my chakras

Con’td from Time travel a stone’s throw (or hold) away
Never thought I’d experience a vision of prehistoric times while attending a “stone reading,” but that’s exactly what happened Friday. And my attraction to the Malachite rock has grown as I feel its calming influence each time I handle it.  
Seven people sat in meditation at a “Stone Listening Circle” as the leader Tracie Nichols asked each to pick up a stone from several she laid out the middle of the floor. “I don’t know which one to pick; you choose one for me,” I said, knowing absolutely nothing about this method of meditation. Tracie declined, but suggested I “feel” if any stone “gravitates” to me, and to choose that one. I saw what I thought was smooth blue rock, a little bigger then a pebble. I liked the color. Blue is my favorite. Learned it was actually green, not blue, but didn’t care after finding myself in a “day” dream of meditation that may have provided a picture of the rock’s first formation tens of thousands of years ago.  
The purpose of the listening circle was to introduce participants to different stones and to “listen” to them. With no additional thought, I immediately “eased” into a meditative state I find easy to reach in group settings. We were to “listen to our own intuition, connection and wisdom to discern what aspects of the stone’s ‘personality’ are most in play,” Tracie had said of her practice. “. . . [W]e will each discern what meaning this particular stone has for us in our life at this time. Finally, I will share messages from the stone as appropriate.”  
    Marh Stone – Malachite/ Chrysocolla were the stones that headed the list. I zeroed in on malachite. In Greek, “molochitis lithos” means “mallow-green stone.” In Hebrew, the name is more related to the word “malach,” which means “messenger.” The vision I “felt” was more of a dream, a dream while conscious, but in deep meditation. It is the type of dream Dr. Carl G. Jung described in his psychological studies with the unconscious and the “collective unconscious.” Was I, or rather was my mind, transported back to a primordial memory of man’s first contact with a spirit of the stone? Can an inanimate object contain a spirit that one can commune with at a level other than through a “normal” consciousness? I believe it may be true. 
Large quantities of malachite have been mined in Russia. It has also been found worldwide in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Zambia;Tsumeb, Namibia; Mexico; Broken Hill, New South Wales; Lyon, France, as well as Southwestern United States notably in Arizona, according to Wikipedia. InIsrael, malachite is extensively mined at Timna Valley, often called King Solomon’s Mines.  
Some of the attributes of the stone are the following:  
MALACHITE: “Stone of transformation” assisting one in changing situations. Helps clear & activate all chakras, especially stimulating the throat & heart chakra. Excellent stone for clarifying emotions, recognising & releasing negative experiences that were difficult to recall. Equalizing and balancing can create an unobstructed path leading to a desired goal. Helps accept responsibility for ones actions, circumstances & actuality. Stimulates instinctive & intuitive reasoning, represents fidelity in love & friendship, loyalty in partnerships & business transactions. A protective stone for aviators helps with vertigo. Will help you ‘look deep within’. Used for the treatment of Asthma, arthritis, swollen joints, tumours, growths & eases the process of birth.  — from Wikipedia

 Tracie “channelled” with the stones, and spoke how much they loved to “dance” and mingle with humans. This dance message was directed toward Susan, a woman sitting next to me who described her meditative “recall” of dancing with the stones near a fire. The stones may have “mingled” with all of us who touched them.

I purchased my malachite rock the next day (see ‘Rock Star’ lightens the hold on this Life) and have handled it for 24 hours feeling more “in order,” more easy-going, and more accepting than I have in a long, long time. Perhaps, a prehistoric time.

2 comments on “Malachite rocks me & all of my chakras

  1. JhanaJian says:

    I’m confused. I looked up malachite in Wikipedia, I didn’t find anything like the description you posted here. Did I look up up the wrong word?


    • JhanaJian,

      Google Malachite and scroll down to “lore” “healing powers” and possibly use of stones.

      I tried to trace my steps back to the site I got the description, the one in red above, but could not put my finger on it (literally!).

      But most “crystal healers” would agree on its basic attributes of “transformation” and an opening up of our cells and/or chakras (not sure I completely know what they are at this point).

      I just had accupuncture done on my back. I’m going to grab the Malachite and hold on to it for dear life. Or rather, “dear back” in the hopes of using whatever energy the Cosmos deem necessary to aid in a recovery.

      All I have to lose is an old-fashioned belief system I wasn’t too crazy about with anyway!


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