Sun shines to make up for snowed in winter

Played “peek-a-boo” with the sun and shade this morning. On the road from Ambler to Conshohocken, PA, I engaged Old Sol in a game the Almighty must have created for mankind’s appreciation. Why else would God — who caused the sun to come into being from some huge cosmic explosion — have invented shadows? It’s all part of His Love for us humans! 

I know, some scientist can give us a methodical, rational reason how objects cast a shadow when light strikes them. Mathematics, a professor will say, dictates that said shadow is created when the “extreme unction of a 90-degree angle” strikes the “hypothesis” of any material object, thereby causing a partial “void,” or “shadow.” I use the Greek root word, skatology for what he really means. In other words, “poppycock.”**

I engaged both the sun and shadows to create a cascade of light and dark images as I drove, allowing my breath to “slow down” and bring calm as I “let go” of thoughts, and took in images from outside my car. I experienced “God” in all of His Creation by simply opening myself to Nature.

 The sun was first to demand my attention. I “felt” its warmth after getting behind the wheel, starting the engine and heading south with an eastern exposure to my left side. I had meditated with a group at the Resiliency Center from 8:30 to 9:30 am, and was in harmony with all my surroundings. A slight wind blew through my hair, a soft pillow I had placed on the car seat eased the pain in my back, and  birds chirped from nearby trees.

Nature turned a new page on the Winter of 2010 this day, showering the East Coast of the USA with warm sun rays, making up for “Monsoon-like” rains this past weekend, and apologizing for the record snow fall across Pennsylvania this year. 

My body started to “heal,” at least  the upper part that was exposed to the sun. What is it about heat? You feel it on one part of the body, and it seems to soothe other parts not directly in touch with the heat source. Like when you stand with your hands to fire, or grab a hot cup of coffee and you begin to feel a warmth travel to those other bodily sore spots. 

Too soon, the heat shuts off, disappears. I come to a stop near a tall building in the direct line of the sun and my car. I’m in the shade. Feeling the actual temperature — 45 degrees. Not really cold, but it feels like a refrigerator door has just been opened. The freezer door. Couldn’t wait to get back to the warm sun. Now what’s this? A line of trees over the next mile? Each blocking the sun as I try to plug into its generating powers.

(see Part II) 

 Let the sun shine with all our appreciation

** (– Gobbleygook, making no sense whatsoever to rational man, but perfect sense to a Mystic in Love.)

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