Let the sun shine with all our appreciation

(Cont’d from Sun shines to make up for snowed in winter)

On and off clicks the light from the sun. On and off, on and off, and so it goes. The sun winning this playful skirmish with tall objects on the Earth below. Light to dark, light to dark  flashes before my eye. (Got an eye patch “over me left eye, young Mr. Hawkins,” like Long John Silvers from Treasure Island, but mine’s from a detached retina, and not from pirating!) Something is causing some effect on a part of my brain as my good pupil enlarges and decreases like a strobe light at a Heavy Metal concert with me thrown into a mosh pit. 

I put mind over matter. Or rather, I put mind “out of the matter,” by nudging thoughts out-of-the-way, meditating on the drive, taking in the shapes I see. It’s like peek-a-boo over and over, with the trees serving as “stick figures” for an immense child of the universe shining a light on one trunk after another.

What are those dark spots in the road up ahead? Looks like skid marks or some sort of oil spill that got dragged across the gray concrete roadway. The curved dark lines are separated only by two bright yellow lines that remind me of something the Munchkins sang to Dorothy when advising her how to get the Emerald City. 

No. those are not black lines in the street! They’re more shadows. From the telephone wires above. The shadows across the roadway curve and sweep into and out of the center of the macadam, giving an appearance of a “scar” or a skid mark marring the surface.

 I follow the shadows, the shadows of the wires, swooping in an arc in almost a musical fashion, so rhythmically, almost in sequence with the previous lines. Over and over until we get to closer to another intersection. Green light is  just turning yellow. I might have gunned the engine to “make the light,” but not today. Not when I am patiently driving at the speed limit, a relaxing 35 mph. 

The red light will give me a rest. A chance to stop and contemplate what I’ve done the last few minutes. 

Enjoyed life. Enjoyed the same sun I shared with you today, but in a more appreciative way, a way you might not have had the chance to be grateful for, or to understand in the context of real-time. This is same sun that greeted our fathers and our forefathers since the beginning of time. 

Our ancestors found time to enjoy it. Some went so far as to label it a “god” and worshipped it. Cave dwellers drew it on walls next to crops, animals and stick-figure men and women. The same sun is there for all of us. All we have to do is come in out of the shade. Stop playing “peek-a-boo” with the One that provides us nourishment, refreshment and  unadulterated Love. 

And, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

4 comments on “Let the sun shine with all our appreciation

  1. kim says:

    “And, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.” Oh my goodness, you’ve got me singin’. . .Let the sun shine in, Let the sun shine in, the SU-UN shine I-In. Let the sun shine (O-O Let it SHI-INE) in. Let the sunshine in, the sun. . .:-)

    C’mon sing along now. 🙂


    • “. . . This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius . . .Age of Aquarius.

      “Let . . . the sun shine!

      “Let . . . the sun shine!

      “. . . The Sun . . . Shine In . . .”

      “Let . . . the sun shine!

      Oh, Whoa, Whoa . . . let . . . the sun shine.”

      [Is this what you we learned from the 60s? Let us sing it again . . .]

      “Let . . . the sun shine . . .

      “Let . . . the sun shine . . .”


  2. pcadams says:

    The children love this. Some might find it a little on the hokey side, but the message is clear.




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