Dolphins display love as human escorts

Hung over. Tired. Hard to get out of bed.

What happened? I had nothing to drink . . . no alcohol . . . no drugs.

Must have been the overdose of “Love” I got the other night. It carried over through the entire next day as I drifted like on a cloud, flowing wherever the wind blew. Happy. Joyfully happy. “Stupid happy,” is what my friend, Tina, would say. Interrupted only by a $187-speeding ticket that temporarily slowed down the love boat, but did not stop it.

I sat in a “Lovefest” March 18, 2010, in an Erdenheim, PA, “healing” studio, exposing myself to pure,  unadulterated love with others meeting to share their feelings and beliefs. I felt I had sipped from the essence of Love, the one described in the Rock & Roll song, “Love Potion No. 9.”

And, I had less than half a dose, having arrived late after getting acupuncture for my back. Didn’t get settled and on a cushion at the floor until an hour into the 90-minute meeting. But it was more than enough to hit me.

A wash of acceptance, caring and genuine concern swept over me as I found myself opening to a dolphin. That’s right, a dolphin that facilitator, Katryn Lavanture, of “Eco Libra,” displayed in a video clip she helped to produce while working with the sea creatures. [See Info@PeaceJoyLove.Us, and www.PeaceJoyLove.Us.]

Her group lowered a camera toward a “school” of dolphins and recorded their actions with the foreign metal object lowered into their water world. The more inquisitive of the creatures slowly approached and swam around the single eye of the lens, cautiously sensing whether it was friend or foe.

Dolphins provide pure, unadulterated fun

And then the play started. The dolphins swam at it, over it and under it, turning upside and sideways in a “dance” of communication. One hardly ever gets a chance to see a dolphin close-up, eye-to-eye, said Katryn, but these friendly beings opened wide as if someone hollered “cheese.”

But wait. Not only did you see the eyes of the dolphin. (Well, one at a time) But it appeared as if the creature was showing off, looking at the camera while completely upside down! For several long moments it was just you — the viewer — and that intelligent being.

And there was love. Lots of love spreading up and to our hearts, as we witnessed how a creature “in the wild” could offer such affection. The story didn’t end there. Katryn’s boat pulled away and hit a squall. Up and down the boat sailed, hitting rough waters that tossed the passengers one way and then the other.

And what did they see when it cleared enough to view the front? Several dolphins riding the waves like escorts. Toward the front and on both sides. Even the baby dolphins got into, Katryn said. Unable to “jump” gracefully up and over a wave, she recalled how they pushed themselves partly out of the water in imitation of their older, more experienced swimmers, but fell short of their smooth choreographed-like landings.

Katryn and the others in her studio felt the emotion created by the video and I was filled with awe. Here I felt pure love from a being so foreign to my life, yet somehow so familiar to the basic needs of us all. A need to know you’re never alone no matter what storm you must face.

For Part II see:

Don’t let Love speed away; but yield slowly

6 comments on “Dolphins display love as human escorts

  1. tinapeacock says:

    You can take my name in vain anytime 😉

    What a beautiful experience, a great story. Dolphins are such amazing creatures. It’s no coincidence that many people are inspired and in awe of them. They embody, naturally and easily, so much of the grace we seek.

    Nature abounds with reminders of who and what we are… isn’t it lovely to see?


  2. Christina says:

    When I think of dolphins I think of breath. They are conscience breathers and can only hold their breath for up to 10 minutes max. Breath is important to me. When I practice mindfulness I bring my breath to full consciousness and use it to breath love in and send it out.
    My Reiki teacher recently sensed that my healing touch was like that of a dolphin’s even flow, swimming in and out of the water.
    The image of the dolphin has emanated love in my life too! Thank you for sharing your joyful experience of it!
    peace and joy,


    • Wow. Didn’t know that dolphins held such a high place in the hearts of so many. Gotta investigate this more. Perhaps my teacher at Eco Libra, who worked with the creatures, can fill us in more.



  3. Phil says:

    We all need dolphins.




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