Don’t let Love speed away; but yield slowly

Cont’d from Part I, Dolphins display love as human escorts

Opening up to a stranger is never easy. But when you feel trust and an open vulnerability offered you, you can shed your safeguards, and become the loving person I believe we were always meant to be. Just yield slowly.

That’s the feeling I got with six persons attending a “Lovefest” for the first time for what will become monthly meetings to share stories, anecdotes and maybe some of those “hoaky” experiences you withhold telling any but the most reliable and trustworthy-proven friend.

I read Sufi poetry and told tales that I would never have confided in another person face-to-face. I could share things in writing like many of us do when blogging before the monitor screen. A computer can’t talk back to you. Nor can it respond emotionally, providing one with a gentle smile or a giggle unsuppressed by the adult allowing a child-like affection to surface.

At first, I glanced to the carpeted floor, hardly raising my eyes as I read of my “yearning” for my Beloved. Katryn Lavanture, co-director of “Eco Libra,” and facilitator for this meeting, encouraged me to read on from the Sufi love poems. [See Info@PeaceJoyLove.Us, and www.PeaceJoyLove.Us.]

Sufi use terms and words that are downright sexy, sensual and often blush-producing among the more highly sensitive person (HSP). But, when I made eye contact, I felt love beaming out from my fellow meditators and directed straight towards me.

Not the ego “me.” But, the loving me, the “Divine me,” the Light that others might see at a time and in place where it is freed to shine from, and in, all of us.

Love Flows by Letting Go --

The night ended too soon. But the feeling continued into the next day as I opened myself to several people at an ALDI store in Norristown, PA, and then a thrift store while shopping for old rooster bric-a-brac. Smiling, I offered more than just a friendly hello, but steered away from anything too philosophical.

I told a man from India, a Muslim, how unfair some in my country have treated his religious followers since 9-11. We bowed and said “Namaste” to each other. Discussed Buddhism with an Asian cashier and gave a porcelain rooster I had placed in my shopping cart to a Christian woman who admired it and also collected such items.

Everywhere I went I found traces of loving kindness. Was it coming my way because of some Karma that I seemed to have created from within? Doing unto others as you would want done to you?

Time skated by. Funny how fast it flows when you’re in no rush and loving the moments you find your self. Didn’t realize I had gone over the time I needed to get back home, pick up a friend, and keep a doctor’s appointment. You guessed it. Got nabbed by police at a speed trap, and ticketed for doing 54 miles an hour in a 25-miles per hour zone. 

I’ve requested the doctor of whom I showed up late to write a letter to the judge — not to seek an excuse, but to help explain the dilemma I found myself. Hope I can find some loving kindness from the Court to plead guilty to a lesser offense and avoid any points to my drivers’ license. Can’t hurry Love. You’ll end up paying like me, if you try.

7 comments on “Don’t let Love speed away; but yield slowly

  1. kim says:

    I have had a hard time with this in the past, opening too quickly only to discover that the person on the receiving end misinterpreted what was going on. I ended up getting hurt. Learned the hard way that not everyone is ready to receive love.


  2. I can’t help thinking about all of the checks you have to make before yielding yourself completely to someone else. It’s a monstrous exercise, going through that list. Dolphins, dogs and cats seem to not require it. (Dolphins and dogs for sure; the jury’s still out on cats).

    You’re right though: once you have that place of total transparency you’re free to really love completely. Some of us spend the bulk of our lives looking for the perfect storm of intimacy.


    • contoveros says:

      And we can look and look in hopes of that perfect storm when all one has to do is let it flow from within like a dog or a dolphin.

      You’re right about the felines. Would probably get a hung-jury on cats.

      michael j


  3. Phil says:

    This slow yield is what I am working on right now. It is dangerous territory.

    Thank you.




    • contoveros says:

      “The race is not [always] to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.”

      Someone very wise wrote that in a good book some time ago. Wonder if they had “Lovefests” back then?

      Slow ones, that is. Like riding on a donkey-type ones,

      michael j


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