Take a risk; a new you may emerge from it

A card turned over as I accidentally moved my hand to uncover four other small cards randomly picked from a tray on the carpeted floor. Sitting in the Lotus position with a leg-less “cloth” chair to support my back, I leaned over to read the card.

Risk” is all that it said. There was a tiny picture of an angel that somehow reminded me of  pre-teen girls who just gave up playing with dolls and turned to thoughts of Celestial Beings. Not the Old Testament God Almighty with Fire and Brimstone, but the soft, gentle “Angels” that serve as guardians.

Should I keep this card or put it back? Sarah, seated to my left, had opened a page in a book of spiritual definitions of flowers. Hyacinths came up, and she was reading what her spirit “conjured up.” Susan, directly across from me turned over a Tarot card, the “Four of Air” I believe. Why disrupt this “reading,” I thought and followed the card’s advice. I took a risk!

We all had held in our hand, a crystal called a “Herkimer Diamond,” a stone of sparkling, vibrant, clarity. I meditated with three others, including our teacher, Tracie Nichols, MA, who introduced the stones to offer “clarity” in our lives. We were to “listen” to what the stones might say to us. (See New Way Sanctuary.)

Purifying” announced the first of five “Angel Cards” I chose. “Surrender” came next. For some reason, I placed the next two cards side by side: “Sisterhood, Brotherhood,” was the first; the other was “Education,” with “Risk” topping them off. Literally.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I had laid them out in the form of a cross. I also “laid out” myself, giving up the Lotus position and lying on my stomach, propped myself up with the elbows, getting more comfortable and closer to our Circle, a “Stone Listening Circle.”

Purification comes through tears, was the first message I received upon meditating. Surrender applies to the feminine side, I thought, and then envisioned myself surrendering completely, surrendering my body in the act of giving my virtue, my will, my Self to a Higher Figure. I will continue to learn and become educated along this path, I surmised, if I could follow teachers of like-mind. Seek out sisters and brothers who are in communion with the Higher Good, no matter what their faith, religion or calling.

And what about Risk? Well, I’m taking risk now. How many Macho guys do you know who would open themselves to criticism, wise-cracks and even ridicule by stating they “listened” to stones, or could understand someone’s belief that certain stones have a “sentient” quality if one just opens to it.

The only risk I took on entering this new path was wondering if I should take the first step. To accept that card that turned over by “accident.” To seek something less than a stone’s throw away.  To risklistening” to within.

"Risk" Card Opens Path to Listening Within

2 comments on “Take a risk; a new you may emerge from it

  1. tinapeacock says:

    Good for you, real men take risks and hold crystals and have an open mind. I have a beautiful Tarot set that I use from time to time, but I’m unfamiliar with these Angel cards … I may have to look into them.

    Thanks for sharing the experience, I think I would’ve loved being in that circle.
    Ahhh, it’s all in the cards…


    • Tina,

      I can read you like a deck of cards — a royal straight flush . . .

      I’m tasting a little bit of everything and am not afraid to try . . . Most of the time, I’m not afraid. Well, sometimes I’m not.

      Ok, Ok, sometimes, I need a good friend like you to push me in the right direction. Tarot cards, you say? Hhhmm. Might have to look into those next.

      By the way, you can hitch your wagon to my Circle any day!

      michael j


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