Step into a reality governed only by ‘Now’

Imagine there were two realities.  

The one you see, hear and experience daily. And another one, where you pass through a veil which causes Amnesia once you step all the way through. You no longer have a past. You have no concern for the future, since you’ve accepted the fact all you really need in this “new” world will be provided.  

You simply are “here” with all the comforts you’ve been able to garner in your Life. You have an innate sense that no matter what you do, you’ll be secure, as long as you follow your moral compass. I didn’t say a saint’s compass, but one that you knew — or have known — was best for you and the rest of humanity.  

Now, picture all other persons having gone through that veil. No more past. No concern for the future. All living in a present that has begun in the Now.  

You might need something to occupy all the time you’ve got, now that you have no problems to solve, no bills to worry over. They’ve been taken care of. Or will be. Just as they have been — somehow — no matter how bad one’s past might have been like. Or one “thought” it was like.  

A new world awaits inside

Focus awareness on your surroundings. No, not the cracks in the ceiling or the rug that needs vacuuming. Marvel at how someone came up with a technique to create a “texture-type” look to the paint covering the ceiling. Almost three-dimensional in appearance and design. An inexpensive and pleasing way to cover the top of a room. To cover all those cracks!  

And how about the basic vacuum cleaner? Was it even in existence when Hoover crawled on his grandmother’s living room rug? Not talking about the guy who may have invented the machine, but Herbert Hoover. The president who got blamed for the Great Depression in the 1920s. How did his parents and grandparents clean rugs? By beating them outside the house? Yanking ’em from the floor and dragging ’em off to a clothes line to smack out as much dust and dirt the shoes of the 19th Century tracked in from unpaved roads and red-brick sidewalks?  

Now, we have electricity and a machine powered to “suction” out dirt and dust from carpet fibers. They’ve become so advanced, you can shampoo a rug with one adapted for such use.  

Marvelous, isn’t it? Not just the rug cleaner and ceiling application, but the new ability we now have to really appreciate what we’ve taken for granted. The overlooked beauty and time-saving efforts technology has provided  us. There are thousands of other examples in our lives. We can “get into them” by living in the moment now. We can see that Life is Good, and was always meant to be good. And that it was our selves, the self behind the veil with worries of the past and future that caused one to see life’s sufferings and not its blessings.  

We can experience Heaven. Walk away from that other place our mind often directs us to look.  

All it takes is an intent to see reality this way and not that way.  


Are we ready to pull back the veil and walk the other side?

5 comments on “Step into a reality governed only by ‘Now’

  1. Snædís says:

    That post is just what my internal doctor ordered!

    Thanks for the reminder michael j; yet again, I’d forgotten to breath, forgotten to trust, forgotten to go within…



    • contoveros says:

      Ah, I feel you gently entering that place, removing the veil and seeing the heaven we all share but overlook most of our lives.

      I want to remain there as long as possible, and be with persons like you, Snædís, helping to remind each other the possibilities that exist once we go within.

      There goes a sigh. I’m closing my eyes . . . and my internal vision sees you with a bunch of flowers in your hands and the brightest smile ever beamed by anyone in the known Universe.


      michael j


      • Snædís says:

        At the end of the day, it is always the human touch, the human care and love, which moves me the most when I sense that another has lifted the veil a little, enabling me to breath again, to see again, to feel again.

        I consider this gift only companions along the path can give, to be the greatest of them all.

        Namaste and thank you dear michael j



  2. Helen T says:

    your thoughts are great as usually! Our life mostly depends on our perception.


    • contoveros says:

      Now, if we could only stay focused on that for any length of time, Helen T,we could see a form of goodness in everything and every body!
      michael j


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