Conspiracy of Love to Heal Us All, Now!


Glenda “laid hands” on me; I lost track of who I was and why

I had stubbed my two helping three guys move a heavy piano from one section of the room to another, when a leg got too close to the big toe, and I yelped  like an injured animal, but held onto my section, maneuvering the mahogany-framed instrument to the center of this place of worship. 

There I was, smack dab in the middle of the center for a Course on Miracles in Bucks County, PA. With the piano aligned properly, the men dispersed, receiving thanks from the Course on Miracles minister, a jovial woman wearing a flaming pink blouse and a smile to tame the devil. She noticed I had chosen not to walk, but sit on a chair, remove my sandal and reach out to the pain beginning to throb that I believed only I could “feel.” 

She came to me, asked if I was all right, then took control of my foot when I lied and said it was nothing. And then it happened. 

I lost the ability to think straight, to talk coherently, to “do” anything except “receive” the healing power of Reiki. Heard about it, read about it , even made best friends with a Reflexology student who promised one day to do something about it with me, but until this moment, I was still a virgin. 

Already had been elevated to a higher realm as two lovely women had “channelled,” calling forth energy from the Earth and the Spirit Worlds. They were not “working” for the nearly 100 people who squeezed into this long room lit by candles, subdued lights and the hearts of many. But  for the Gulf region where Mother Earth Herself was recently wounded and, in her distress, has been unable to keep oil from spilling out, thus endangering who knows how many fish and other sea-life, not to mention the wildlife creatures dependent on fresh, clean water, which man, you and I included, helped pollute with our insatiable desire for more energy resources. 

Tracie Nichols,, and Rock Listening Circle leader, spoke of healing to the standing room-only group in New Brittain, PA, some 25 miles outside Philadelphia  last night. She joined Christi Calvano, a Spirit Messenger (, in offering love and compassion from the “Light Workers” joined to raise their individual consciousness — as well as their voice — to help aid the Gulf of Mexico. Tracie described how a “node” of power has opened nearby, and that all can send healing through the connection from here to there. I visualized a long yellow pill, like a cold pill shaped in a “Yellow-Submarine” style with all us “enlightened” white energy parts making up a “cure,” as it’s deposited through a giant circular mirror– a “mouth”  in the center of this Course in Miracles facility, and washed down with love into the belly of the Earth. 


Mind wondering, I finally bring it back to Glenda who has wrapped both of her soft hands around the top of my right foot. I feel a calm I have not felt since . . . well, I’ll be. Couldn’t find words for it. Me, a trained and practiced “mouthpiece” lost the ability to speak anything but gibberish as warmth starts at the toe and works its way to my heart and head. 

These beautiful interfaith ministers mean business, and I got a feeling they won’t stop the healing until they allow all of us in a Conspiracy of Love. Thank you Glenda, Tracie, Christi, as well as She who Speaks for Animals, as well as Diana Valerio, (I first mistook her for “kitchen help“) the newly ordained minister  performing her first wedding ceremony today.

4 comments on “Conspiracy of Love to Heal Us All, Now!

  1. LOL–laughing with pleasure to know that the energy is definitely flowing and working on humans everywhere. Reiki–tapping into the creative life force that sustains everything and everyone. Now ‘you’ too are consciously connected. One human at a time…oh yeah.


    • contoveros says:

      Ain’t the Earth grand? All we have to do is open ourselves to the pleasures She offers us. (See: ) Need to “fine tune” our frequency to hear Her message and perhaps seek out a “messenger” more experienced, a trailblozer of sorts who has seen the Heart of the Earth and has graciously returned to this reality to tell us there’s so much more we simply don’t know . . . Until, “one by one” as you proclaim, we humans become “consciously connected.”

      Way to go, 47whitebuffalo.

      michael j


  2. Helen T says:

    Michael j,
    Beautiful as usually. Thanks for inspiring.


    • contoveros says:

      Aren’t we all “Light Workers?” We who help, encourage and inspire others here at Internet International? We open ourselves, as much as anyone can honestly say they open, and show our fears, hopes, love and desires, knowing we could end up appearing as a fool, but feeling someone would still accept us that way.

      As long as we stay authentic, not phony. We can “steal” ideas from the other and give credit. I do it all the time, taking in a word I enjoy reading and using it elsewhere. How about the phrase “buy a friend?” Heard it for the first time at a Kabbalah meeting and understand it to mean I “invest” into you, the friend, and won’t let anything happen to you because I own just a tiny piece of you and I want to insure I get my money’s worth.

      Or maybe it means I can “appeciate” you more, an entitity I bought after placing a value on. And what price is the cost of a friend? Invaluable, actually. I don’t have enough compassion and wisdom to give for you . . . you, Helen T, one from the greatest generation of our Lifetime.

      Whoa, got to back up. Got carried away with “Agape Love,” that’s Greek for “divine love,” the highest form of love, according to some dude named Plato. Or was it Socrates with Plato as his playwrite? Gotta Google it someday.

      Thank you, Helen T.

      michael j


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