Weekend Euphoria needs time to set

The Greatest Weekend — No.  II

* Uncertain if my true love would ever be mine, I fell to my knees . . . praying for her affection. It was . . . a Sunday. I was scheduled to serve as an altar boy at St. Ludwig’s Catholic Church. Got there early, and knelt upon a padded “kneeler” used mostly for “40-Hour” devotions, a Lenten thing, I believe. Wore a black cassock and a white surplus. Closed my eyes, bent my head and petitioned for Love.

Prayed for Geraldine McFadden’s love. But got something far greater – the Love of God. Feeling so much pain, so much sorrow and an unbearable longing for the young girl, I know now that I had somehow entered another realm. Another consciousness.

The passage of time got lost. My yearning, desire and heart-ache came to an end. And I felt what I can only describe as the Presence of the Almighty. I was at peace. In love and receiving love right then and there. The one I had met at the party [the night before] lost all relevance. I needed “nothing.” Desired “nothing.” I became “nothing.” The “Nothing” mystics use to speak [because] of their inability to describe . . .God . . .[the] . . . Beloved . . . [the one True] . . . Love.


The past weekend was so memorable, I need time to “take in” its impact. Want to be “objective.” Need the distance of time to look back with less emotion and the sense of Euphoria I now have.

It started with two women who “channelled” for love and compassion during a two and a half-hour meeting Friday night. Less than 12 hours later, I linked it with 13 straight hours where I merged “in Congress” with hundreds of thousands of Kabbalah students worldwide via the Internet. Felt a mystical “tug” every hour either from another person or through some Source coming from within me. Understand why something as powerful as this Kabbalah secret was kept hidden until now, a time humanity seems to be more ready for its wide dissemination to all with no sex, age, religious or marriage restriction.

On Sunday, I prostrated, humbling myself to the Buddha that has enabled me to touch Nirvana, during the briefs seconds I’ve “lost myself” through meditation. I offered up merits and confessed wrongs at a two-hour Buddhist service. I then attended a Tibetan Singing Bowl “Sound Bath” where vibrations purified my soul. Filled so much with unadulterated love, I did not want to return to this corporal world. Like a young David, I wanted nothing else except engaging with God through the sounds of a harp praising Him psalm after psalm. 

My weekend soured higher while walking a Labyrinth in the Full Moon during two hours I was “awakened” last night, realizing I was no longer captive by the ghosts of the Vietnam War, and that my new “troops” would not be platoon soldiers, but a “brethren” of “Highly Sensitive Persons” (HSPs) brought together for spiritual and perhaps, mystical encounters.

Could not think of another time in my life when so many “highs” were occurring in such a short period, than when I was a 12-year-old, “remembering-the-greatest-time-of-my-life.

 (* The excerpt above is from that weekend)

5 comments on “Weekend Euphoria needs time to set

  1. Betty Ann says:

    Hey Michael, loved seeing you at Lenny’s wedding…glad we shared some wine…just got home a little while ago, and briefly read some of your blogs..we all want to connect to the gift of God’s love, spent some time walking in a meadow with my daughter, the wildflowers, pond, and all of nature feeds our souls…it’s all there for the enjoyment if we can just be in the moment, one with God. Nice to see you, must keep in touch. love Betty Ann


    • contoveros says:

      Betty Ann,

      Just the sound of your name sends me back to your place with Aunt Betty and Uncle Lenny. We will stay in touch and not wait for another wedding or a funeral to bring us together.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      michael j


  2. […] bites of “God” and my small mammalian frame could not contain so much of Him. (See: weekend-euphoria-needs-time-to-set, and accident-leads-to-a-fowl-self-discovery). You really do have to be “empty” in […]


  3. souldipper says:

    Michael j, your description of this very important energy-zapping weekend brings a huge ball of softness to me! Thank you.


    • contoveros says:

      I wonder. Can someone OD on spirituality?

      Get spiritual indigestion?

      Need to sleep it off? Or ride it out?

      Thanks, Souddipper,

      michael j


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