Women Elevate all our Desire for God

Did Creator make a mistake in His design of women’s “purpose?

Are they on the earth to simply guide men to the Light above and share in the Love such a man might bring back with him to our earthly plane?

Call this the rantings of a fool. I am looking at a system totally foreign to me, and I can see only through mere mortal eyes, my ego, my limited experiences here in this speck of time, that I live my life. Who am I to question settled dogma, ancient teachings, or the word safeguarded by spiritual leaders, many of whom have given their very lives to preserve and pass onto us — we few, those of us who might perhaps be the most favored generation in God’s long-range planning.

Is God Sexist?

There. I asked the question. Now go ahead and stone me. Ex-communicate me. Dunk me in water to see if a human being or the devil arises on lifting out this body of mine.

Women have been created to not only carry on our species, according to the Kabbalah, but also to raise the “desire” in men to seek the Light in the Upper Worlds where all Godliness exists. Man, in turn, brings back the Light and shares it with humanity, so that all men, women and children can “connect” to and with the Almighty.

But, is that fair? Why can’t women have a direct connection? Why use someone to intermediate, someone to be ambassador to the King of Kings?

I know plenty of women I could enlist as “trailblazers,” as my conduit to God; some who know where my true interests lie, and would not be afraid to march into hell and back to bring forth God’s Love to all . . .

Is man protecting women? Sacrificing himself from some cruel and unusual Punishment should he fail in his quest for the Holy Grail? I love that women have indeed “encouraged” me along my spiritual path. But so have men. (See: The Four Immeasurables) Perhaps, women work on the “individual” man, pushing him, quietly “directing” him, offering “prayers” for him to not only see the Light, but to embrace it with a smile so big it would make a Paul Bunyan look small in comparison. (His bull, too.) 

A woman name Judy brought me to a Guri 30 years ago. She smiled a lot in the face of an angry, but non-violent, group of protestors carrying signs and chanting slogans against nuclear power. She worked for the utility company.  How could she smile? As a reporter covering the event at the Limerick Power Plant outside Philadelphia, I wanted to know where she got her strength, her spiritual power. I learned she meditated. Brought me into an Ashram, where I tasted Eastern philosophy and religion for the time, and liked it so much  I became an “aspirant.”

Years passed, having never really learned how to meditate, and I met a female psychologist at the Coatesville, PA, Veterans Hospital helping those of us with post traumatic stress (PTSD). She teaches meditation. I “fall in love” with her technique, her “gift” at the federal facility, requesting that she help us meditate in a group every day instead of just once a week. They’re now meditating twice a day!

Fast forward to nearly two years ago and my chance meeting with an “Angel,” an ordained minister named Kathy who teaches me Zen Buddhism and guides me to the “Middle Path.” Until I feel an urge to move on and meet a white-haired young woman, practicing Tibetan Buddhism in Philadelphia, and I get “hooked” in coming weekly to services with Susan and other practitioners. She refers to herself as a “Jew Bu,” one of the Jewish faith following the Buddha. I meet a “Metha Bu,” a Methodist Buddhist named Mary, several “Catho Bu’s, Catholic Buddhists, and eventually help form the Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center’s “Barrister Bu’s” made up of lawyers seeking enlightenment.

I guess the next woman to “draw” me along my spiritual  path would be Rufiya, meetup  KABBALAH, the director of  the Philadelphia center for studying the Kabbalah. Just signed up for a 24-week course. Classes twice a week, in person and over the Internet. All with “live” speakers providing a question and answer session.

You can bet some of my questions will involve God’s thoughts on the role of woman. And, why does the Torah say “Thank God, I’m not a woman?” Gotta see that in its proper context and determine if it should be interpreted in what lawyers call the “plain meaning” of a phrase or statement.

Thanks to all the women that have “herded” me into the different paths along my Journey. Haven’t even touched on the New Age group of Crystal healers, Shamanic Journey practitioners, or “Light Workers.” I want to fight for you! To help empower you! Empower myself . . .

26 comments on “Women Elevate all our Desire for God

  1. tobeme says:

    You are fortunate to have had the company of so many wise women. Interesting, I don’t think gender is but what we make it.


    • contoveros says:

      I want my world to be “color-blind” and “gender neutral,” where everyone would be given the same chance to reach their full potential.


      michael j


  2. Michael,

    Our soul is both… Yin and Yang… each reincarnation allows us to experience what we need to in order to learn… do we lead or are we led?

    Just back from my past life regression therapy training at Omega!


    • contoveros says:


      Wish I could touch your fingertips to feel the energy you must still connect with Diane . . .
      Isn’t Omega great?

      Do we lead or are we led? I want to lead in this Shakespearean Play we call our present life. But I don’t want to see women sent back to the Middle Ages to be led by old-fashioned men afraid women may just be our equals and not just “homebodies.” That is, if a woman wants to aspire to the traditional roles played by men. I say, more power to them. I’ll feel no threat, and I’ll fight for them to battle right along side of me.

      michael j


      • Michael,
        I imagine the “mystery” of male/female is what you make of it. I have especially “masculine” female friends and “feminine” male friends. It seems clearer to me now… what sex you happen to be in this particular lifetime is just a curious happen stance that fulfills a particular need… my earliest regression so far as been a scene of “me” lumbering up a deeply forested hill wearing animal skins… taking up the rear of a trek as to keep an eye on my family, four much smaller beings… the next scene was in a cave, with a fire, all were sleeping, I was the watch… a male with huge hairy shoulders! I was the protector!


  3. Think you got a typo there mike
    where you say
    Did Creator make a mistake in His design of women’s ”purpose?“
    should be
    Did Creator make a mistake in Her design of women’s ”purpose?“

    Christianity went through de-feminization at the council of nicea in 325 ad leaving us with a sub-set religion


  4. Buddhism’s middle path professes no God, but rather that Siddhartha, who was a bodhisattva, came to teach all creatures the path to Nirvana.
    Buddhists will tell you that God want’s that knowledge.
    It’s inspirational that the practice of Buddhism is centered toward peoples’ inherent drive toward enlightenment.
    I could be classified as a Jew Bu, but I find no disconnect there.
    Buddha was a missionary who was fully willing to accept the religious practices and gods of the people he sought to teach.


    • contoveros says:

      Buddhism and the the Kabbalah have a lot in common. Studying each can help one elevate their true natures above this world, no matter what religion they choose to practice. Or choose not to practice.

      Thank you Sir Kimmel. I feel “lifted” in reading your words and ready to share them with others . . .

      michael j


  5. The only real limits are the limits we take/place upon ourselves.


  6. korakaos says:

    Some people truly seem to embody a gender, but I do not think everyone is limited. YHWH himself contains all female and all male as implied in his name- I also am fond of Dionysos, who crossdresses, and Shiva, who is often called Ardhanārīśvara- “The Lord Who is Half Woman”. This is because I know that while I look like a tiny female, I have a highly masculine energy. I am very often trying to think about how to go beyond gender. So those of us who are like that, maybe we do both? Because I don’t think I was always motherly, and I don’t think that only a man can go meet the Sun 😉


    • contoveros says:

      Only one pure in heart can go meet the Sun.

      With a willingness to be open to “receive” and then “bestow” the sunshine provided.

      Gently. Through Loving Kindness and Compassion. From Me to You. And toward all Humanity whether they be man, woman, or even a Democrat.

      Ok, Just trying to insert a little humor here, for Christ sake. Or was that for the Buddha sake? Can’t joke about Allah. YHWH sounds like He’d enjoy a little humor. Why else would he have invented Broccoli?

      Dionysos a cross-dresser? He was one of my favorite Greek gods! God of wine, women and song, I seem to recall. My three favorite pastimes. (Uh oh, michael j. You better quit while you’re ahead of the time-old feminine/masculine Game.

      As always, thank you KoraKaos, for your insight.

      michael j


      • korakaos says:

        All of his followers used to be cross-dressers too, haha! I’m not sure why that happened.

        And yes, I think YHWH loves jokes. Why else would I be with a comedian….

        Love to you, Michael!


        • contoveros says:


          You did it again. Got me thinking not of Dionysos, but the women he empowered who followed him. They killed some men during their frenzy. Let’s hope it was the ones whose cross-dresses did not appeal to their taste in togas and sandals.

          michael j


  7. kalyani says:

    Truly enlightened. Thinking of and thanking all the women who have helped you on your path. There must have been so many other women who have helped you unconsiously. But its so good that you are so grateful. I don’t know about the men leading the world to realisation. I think its just a thought process.. Each person has to do it on his/her own.


    • contoveros says:

      I always liked women. Wanted the friends I made to reach their highest potential, to push the envelope, to “go where no other man [woman] has gone before” and to hell with any restrictions Society wanted to impose on a person’s sex, race, color or creed. Always been for the underdog, and saw Black Power and the Feminist Movement as vehicles for empowering “all people,” not just individuals in those groups.

      Call me a “dreamer.” Who are we as a species except spirits trying to live up to our highest ideals?

      Thank you, Kaliyani, my favorite Indian lady. Give my best to my favorite Hindu deity, Ganesha, the Elephant Boy!

      michael j


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