Falling in love with the Love of Your Life

Fell head over heals in love the past few weeks. Didn’t want to do it. Had always got “hurt” in relationships, knowing from the start they’d come to an end one day. Love seemed to change that way. To peter out. End not with a “bang,” but with a “whimper.”        

This time it’s different. This time, there’ll be no hurt, no sorrowful break-up. No regrets. This time, I’m going all out!        

Love came to me without a notice. No bells rang, no trumpets sounded. Did not sense Its powerful allure until It gently helped to open my eyes. Love lifted me from my base surroundings, my material World, and helped me soar higher to a Place where only souls awaiting a living and breathing Life congregate for a new beginning.        

Life with You. And in You. And of You.  

And, I need not a “physical presence” to Love You. I can but close my eyes. Feel the “touch of ease” Love brings. Like a soft breeze. One with a scent of flowers. Cooling on a summer day with birds flying by singing a welcome to all Nature. There, I find rest from the toils of my day. A rest inYou. In Love. Was Your Love always there for me? How did I miss It? Why have I been unable to see It until now? Until, I quit fooling myself . . . believing I’d find that joy and happiness “out there.” In the World. In the home, the car, the computer programming. It wasn’t in my schooling, the knowledge I thought would set me free. Nor was it in the power, the fame, the good name I tried to obtain through one career after another I seem to take on  — writing, organizing, lawyering. I thought I’d find it in my religion, my family, my earth-restricted dreams.      

No, no. It was only in the Loving, the pure unadulterated unconditional Love you manifested in me from within me. Love For You. For Me. For Everyone.        

You, are my Beloved. You’re my hero. You’re my Savior. You are my God.        

You’re not so bad for being the Creator of All Things, by the way. Including my sense of humor at a moment like this.        

You love me. Sick jokes and all. You always have loved me; always will. And, all I have to do to be like You, is to make small corrections in myself. Whittle away at my “Self.” Let go of the ego self and take on the God Self. What’s that You say? We all have the ability? We can put faith over reason and actually see the proof in our daily lives? Become altruistic like you to be like you, to fulfill the dream You instantaneously saw at the moment of our Creation? To come to you with free will strengthened by the trials we faced (are facing) in Life, knowing You would offer the “buffer,” the Love to soften the rough times we see as our worst calamities, our worst losses, our worst fears?        

Thank You, My Almighty One. Good to know You’ll be there for me. That I’ll always have You to turn to. And, I don’t mind sharing You with a few others here on Earth. Really I don’t! OK. Make that a few billion others here. If they can only open themselves to You, that is, open to Your Love. Let’s give them 6,000 years to “correct” themselves, is what You revealed in the Kaballah a few thousands of years ago. By Your Count, we have until the Year 2240 to “get corrected, give or take a few months. But, who’s counting when one is truly in Love?

9 comments on “Falling in love with the Love of Your Life

  1. Please, can you “bottle” this and share it with all the warmongers and callous corporate executives around the globe? Hmm? It could make a HUGE difference.


    • contoveros says:


      Wish we could treat this like LSD and pour it into the drinking water and mess-hall food for our leaders. Love would bring us all together

      michael j


  2. tobeme says:

    Love is the all! Thanks for sharing your love letter.


  3. souldipper says:

    Any attempt to describe falling in love with The Love knots my literary skills and pours oil over them. You, however, surely make your angels smile, Michael J. I may suggest to the women I mentor that whenever they struggle with “surrender”, they come to this post.

    I love you, Michael J. Contos, and I know that simply because of your love you have expressed for the Beloved. Funny how this all ties in together. Hummm. *Ka-Chong!

    *(trusting that you get this “reference” to my blog article on Soul Mates.)


    • contoveros says:


      I feel like a puppy dog who got a bunch of smiles from his new owner, after licking her face with hardly a single protest. God, isn’t it great to see those words with your name attached:

      I love you, Amy!

      There. It’s out in the open. We can tell the world how great it is express true love from one soul mate to another.

      michael j

      who got the “Ka-Chong


      • souldipper says:

        And THIS IS what it is all about. I now have a new precious Soul Brother. Along with your other readers, I actually saw your soul-ship a while ago. You’ve been polishing up your heart without realizing it for some time now. Mind you, Michael J, you may have to carry a rooster around for the rest of your life so I’ll recognize you if we bump into each other!

        Ain’t it just that grand.


  4. Oh my, this love thing has been very elusive in my life. You have certainly given me a feast for thought. Much to contemplate on what you have written. Very happy for you. How did you come to this incredible place, of what seems to me to be, peace and happiness?


    • contoveros says:

      Meditation opened a door within. I found a place where the child in me still could love “unconditionally” if I but let him.

      Sufi studies of the poets singing of their love of “my Beloved” showed me there was only a slight difference from the romantic love I have had most of my life, and the love of the Divine I may have been too afraid or too “busy” to believe I needed. Boy, was I wrong.

      Buddhism has raised me to a level of consciousness where Love helps to elevate my “being” or my “essence” to the closest thing that I could possibly call “Nirvana.” It’s a place of “Nothingness” where I believe God and all that is holy abides. Buddhist don’t teach about a Creator. But they don’t teach against Him, and the Dali Llama, His Holiness, has even encouraged practioners to keep their core beliefs. Meditation is good for every one, even if they don’t beleive in or are uncertain about the Almighty.

      Today, I study the Kabbalah, and find “pleasure” in “bestowing” goodness on others for no other reason than it’s what I feel I was meant to do. Unconditionally, with no expectations.

      Doesn’t always work. Try to practice it everyday. I guess that’s why we call it “practice,” because people like me are far from perfect, and we need all the help we can get to “get it right.” Get it “corrected” as a Kabbalist might say.

      Thanks for the interest. It helped to warm my soul.

      michael j


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