Forgive warrior’s defense of the sensitive

You invited me in your House and I broke confidence with you.    

I meant no disrespect. No harm to you or other guests who should feel secure that their words and feelings would not be exposed to any that could bring them harm.    

If I used their thoughts and ideas without permission, I apologize. But they meant so much to me, that I felt transformed, strengthened yet softened at the same time, learning there was others like myself with such tender receptacles. All should be protected and feel safe and know that what is said in closed company would ever be used against them.    

My intent, however, is to elevate, not knock them down. To show the World that we few higher sensory-operating beings are as good as the rest of humanity and will no longer take a back seat to those less sensitive. That we will bleed and give our lives for the same causes and march into hell and back with the strongest and loudest around us, not asking for more, but expecting no less consideration given to those who feel less. 

I'm sorry if my fighting for a cause hurt an innocent

Hardened combat veterans I know feel ashamed of their post traumatic stress disorder. They want no one to know of what the medical profession has deemed a “mental disorder.” I’ve angered many by being “upfront” about PTSD and appearing anything but fearful with my “in your face” approach dealing with this part of who I am, who I’ve become from some of life’s more troubling experiences. They too would not “open up” if they believed their “secrets” would be discussed outside the therapeutic setting. Afraid their bosses could use the knowledge against them, or view them with, I don’t know, fear, maybe. See them as freaks or somehow less than normal. What’s the word? Abnormal?    

So I have deleted names from my recording system. I can’t erase what they have done for me, lifting me higher and helping me see that its okay to “feel” things that most others don’t. And, to use the terminology of the Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) to explain our type of individual to those trying to understand us, and those who could care less but should know the more empathetic in-tuned of Society are working harder at levels . . . most  . . .are not aware . . . even exist.    

We shouldn’t need to hide. “You’re too sensitive,” should be countered with “You’re not sensitive enough,” until the World learns we need all types to salvage happiness in Life. The Warrior and the Priest. The Loud and the Soft. The “Doer” and the Thinker.    

Until then, I’ll help protect those even more sensitive than myself whose Love, Compassion and Understanding I’ve learned I can not live without.    

Please forgive me.

15 comments on “Forgive warrior’s defense of the sensitive

  1. Viv says:

    Michael J, I just sent you a FB friend invite. I use it, I get annoyed with it but it is a useful tool if you can stand it!!


  2. contoveros says:

    No sweat. GI.

    Took off the last name as well as the request.

    I liked your photos! Still not sure how to make “friends” on that other blasted face book forum . . .

    michael j


    • souldipper says:

      Hey, thanks a bunch, my favourite sleuth.

      Re the other blasted face book forum…don’t know which ‘forum’, but do you mean hitting the “Like” button. That’s how to connect to Soul Dipper on FB if that is what you mean.


  3. braonthree says:

    I count myself among the very sensitive of this world, and am made to pay for it by the low-sensitivity ones ad nauseam. Anne


    • contoveros says:

      Low-sensitivity ones.” I guess that’s as good a name as you can use for the great majority of folks, some 80 percent of ’em. Don’t think I’d like the word “low” used in mixed company. But, if they’re really not sensitive to it, would it even matter? Like if a tree fell and no one heard it, would it make a sound? If someone doesn’t have empathy, can they actually “feel” what you feel? I would have to answer, “No!”


  4. […] (forgive-warriors-defense-of-the-sensitive) […]


  5. Amy says:

    Sterling, Michael J. It takes a real man to make an amends. The outcome is never ours to own, but may it’s sweetness pour forgiveness all over you.


    • contoveros says:

      I feel better in doing the “right” thing. I hope no one was hurt too bad.
      Thanks Amy. Aren’t you afraid to use your name? I’m a guy, so I don’t fear some crazy stalker or a boss firing me. But, who’s offering you the protection?

      michael j


  6. Viv says:

    AS someone who has been told all her life she is too sensitive and to grow a few extra skins, I’d love to be able to tell people that are not sensitive enough.
    Jesus once said The meek will inherit the earth but he never said when…!
    I have begun to realise that it is my inherent sensitivity and my wretched instability that makes me creative. I have been thinking about sparrowhawks, and other birds of prey that cannot hover but are inherently unstable in the air, like modern fighter planes, and how that maneovrability makes them fit for their purpose as speedy hunters and unfit to be and do anything else. A sparrowhawk cannot be a chicken or a parrot or anything but itself.
    muddled but I shall work it out, later.


    • contoveros says:

      Sounds like a very sensitive “warrior” bird, this sparrowhawk. I like the breed or species.

      Also, I prefer the word “gentle” over “meek.” A few Christian denominations use it in place of meek, and I feel more comfortable in being a gentle man than a meek one.

      Christ had no meekness about him when he drove the money-changers out and ordered his disciples never to prevent children to approach him despite the lame and injured his followers thought should see him first.

      Gentle. Not meek.

      Sensitive. But with the deadly aim of a huntress when needed.

      Nice to see your smile again, Viv. I feel the sun rise at every glance I get!

      michael j


  7. ellocogringo says:

    Hi Mr M
    Powerful, well said. what can I say, you’re a sheepdog. I’m gonna link to this if you don’t mind. I used to send Loyal order of the sheepdog certificates, but I left them in NC. I’ll give you a virtual on.


    • contoveros says:

      I am both proud and humbled to accept this tribute and I salute you!


    • contoveros says:

      Once again, my friend, you have hit the nail on the head. Sheepdog ain’t a bad critter to aspire to in Life. I’d gladly give my life to protect others, but I’ll take down a heluva lot of wolves in the bargain!

      Thanks Walt,

      michael j


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