Utopia Exists in a Mere Change of Focus

Another Reality exists within the here and now, if I can disengage and step out of the World I sleep-walk in.   I simply need to “re-focus,” to let my inner compass stop the needle from wavering long enough within. I can “feel” my way from one second to another. And, let my senses take in stimuli for one single purpose. To awaken.

To come alive in the very moment I surrender to the “now.

It’s when I fear nothing. Not even death. It has no power over the Light I connect to within and become one with. The Light shines in, not filling me completely, but enough for me to absorb its caffeinated power, its magnifying focus on what is really important.

Utopia arises when focusing your whole heart, mind & soul

You. Guiding you, as you take hold of my hand and we walk toward the goal we’ve been seeking since birth, our return to Infinity where we originated and must “merge” to ascend back to our Source. Life is nothing more than a pathway filled with obstacles and challenges, successes and failures, wins and losses that forces the steadfast to push forward. To climb with a faith placed over all reason when the World tells us to halt, go back, and clamors, saying “You can’t get there from here!”

Oh yes you can! You can do it with a smile on your lips and a quip at your tongue, proving all nay-sayers wrong as you stick with your friend, your adopted buddy who would gladly give his or her life so that you could make it and live on. Just as you would give your Self for them. And, you for me. Me for you.

 I pull aside an invisible curtain and glide into a parallel universe to enter this Reality, one that we can not see with our ego, but only through what Kabbalists call the “Surrounding Light.” We smile a lot in this World. Smile at what others might call “nothing,” but to the initiated like you and me, it becomes everything.

I don’t “see” as much as I “feel,” if you know what I mean. My feelings reach out like radar, like I have an antennae able to pick up the subtle nuances of Beauty and Wonder in the World. In the mundane, the familiar, the here and now. It’s not come to you and me over night. Meditation and opening our Self to the Upper Worlds have helped guide us along this path. I’ve often walked “point,” fearless of any harm, wanting to lead you to where all of us will eventually end up.

In communion as one, totally corrected and finally enlightened as all suffering comes to a peaceful and happy ending.

9 comments on “Utopia Exists in a Mere Change of Focus

  1. souldipper says:

    A Canadian woman who is now Editor of the “O” magazine wrote that she is not afraid of being in the water with great white sharks (she wrote a book about it). The reason – “When the sharks are around, all you can think is, “Wow!” You are completely present, which we hardly ever are. And when you’re completely present, you can’t have fear because fear is like a projection into the future and there’s no room for it if you’re fully present.”

    Love when the senses are turned on and active!

    How are you doing with your goal, my sweet friend?


    • contoveros says:

      Down to five posts with three days to write ’em, Amy.

      Scared? You’re talking to a guy who’s profession has a shark for a mascot: a freakin’ lawyer.

      I don’t have time to “feel” afraid about anything I write by writing so much so quickly. I may regret it, but for now, I’m just pushing the envelope with the first decent “feeling” I get about writing.

      Some of it’s not bad! Now, that really frightens me . . .

      michael j


  2. I loved your post. Lately, I have also been able to feel things that I hadn’t before. Even when things are going wrong, I am able to say that this is the way it is and let it go.


    • contoveros says:

      You’re in heaven!
      Or lnocking at Nirvana’s door!
      Or at least enlightened for those brief seconds of Life.

      What do the sages of old have to say about keeping such a kind and even keel when problems arise and we are in our “zone?” Don’t want to make it a bigger deal than what it is, but, hell, it’s the coolest place I’ve been in a long, long time.

      michael j


  3. carmenlezeth says:

    A lot of this is way over my head. Almost too deep for a recovering Catholic (ha!). But, I try — I enjoy the teachings of AGAPE — and there’s no doubt I have grown spiritually and maybe have gotten a little closer to “enlightenment”..not sure. But I do understand feeling more than seeing… interestingly enough, it’s how I’ve lived my entire life. Ironic, huh?

    Thank you for this — very interesting. I’ll have to read it again.



    • It is definitely a “feeling.” Maybe the type that some one with “empathy” might have for another being. But, we have it for the World around us. To include animals, nature, maybe even Space and, dare I say: “the God within all of us?”

      michael j


    • contoveros says:

      “AGAPE.” Now you’re talking. The divine love presented to us by the crazy Greeks looking for a way to describe that type of love above all other types of love. They called it “AGAPE.”

      I Agape you from afar, Carmen. Now, if I could only have known you when I was 16 andf you were 15 outside the porch you described, well. I don’t know . . .

      Thanks, my dear. Most of this stuff is over my head, too. It’s at a higher level of consciousness (pun intended!)

      michael j


  4. Helen says:

    Michael j,
    “I don’t “see” as much as I “feel”…
    I understand what you mean.


    • contoveros says:

      Yes, Helen of T. It’s a matter of “feeling” the world around us. Almost, like using a “Sixth Sense” for Goodness.

      I can even look at something “bad” but “feel” the good in it. And, I think you kinda know what I mean. It’s hard to explain, but once a person experiences it, another can tell what they’re talking about.

      Thanks for being here for me!

      michael j


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