Acupuncture: ‘dragon drives out demon’

A Dragon entered me and drove away a Demon last night.

A student at the WON Institute performed acupuncture, penetrating into my psyche as well as my epidermis. More importantly, she opened her heart with such compassion I wept, feeling her healing spread throughout my body and soul.

It all started when Ed Cunningham, clinical director of the acupuncture school in Glenside, PA, just a few miles out of Philadelphia, saw me for a Thursday-evening treatment. He’s been treating me and other veterans once a week, attending to the pains and illnesses mainstream medical practice often fails to help.

Like PTSD, post traumatic stress, triggered years after an initial trauma exploded before our young, unacclimated eyes and ears without a proper “processing” of the shock to our systems. Years later, the trauma surfaces through “flashbacks,” nightmares, and disorders treated primarily through therapy and too often drugs.

Ed was holding a clinic for students when I showed up. “This gives me a chance to try something I’ve never done before,” he confided in me with what sounded like a conspirator tone. He said he was going to get a “Dragon to Drive Out a Demon.”

I had no idea what he meant. Said a student was going to treat me. Thought this would enable him to perform his “dragon” thingamajig for his class. Went to the treatment room and met Rochelle, the white-robed student, who suggested I lie on a massage table and not sit on a lounge chair where us veterans are normally treated.

I disrobed. First time ever. Rochelle explained she needed to insert needles into my belly and chest as well as my lower thighs six to eight inches above my knee caps. Tried pulling up the pant legs of my jeans to accommodate her, but couldn’t get them high enough. She gave me a hospital-type cotton covering, I lied down, as Rochelle marked points on my body with a pen. Before inserting the magical needles, Ed reviewed each marking to insure they were in the correct spots to connect to meridian points inside me.

Ed left the private room and Rochelle explained the process to me. Dragons are seen as benevolent beings in Chinese medicine, and are used to help treat illnesses, she said. They’re unleashed to “drive” out the demon or “*ghost” of a trauma’s imprint that clings to a person unless it’s removed.

Sounded like mumbo-jumbo, but Rochelle said she had undergone the treatment herself, and it helped. Then she told me the story that convinced me of her healing powers. She had a four-year old special needs child who hardly spoke despite getting help from one specialist after another. Rochelle, at her wit’s end, hit rock bottom, almost giving up hope for her daughter, when she fell to her knees one night, prayed to her “Beloved,” and, for the first time in years, wept like a baby.

The very next day, her beautiful little girl , Coral, began to talk and has progressed more and more over the past year.

Thinking of Rochelle and Coral as she dimmed the lights and left the room after placing the therapeutic needles, I too wept. Tears flowed like they have not flowed in I don’t know how long. Tears for myself, for my trauma, for me hitting rock bottom.

And, then . . . I felt “purged.” Felt blessed. Felt purified and told Ed and Rochelle on their return that I was glad “to see God again.” Rochelle told me it was not unusual because “He is everywhere.” Told Ed I was ready to face death now because I had no fear of it. He advised me to simply try living again.

Which I am doing now with the help of the Dragon. Don’t know if the demon is gone for good. He’s been with me more than half my life. But just knowing that he can be banished with the help of a practitioner like Rochelle gives me renewed faith and hope.

(*”It is possible that the use of acupuncture in this situation represents an effort to cause the body’s chi to overpower and cast out the demon, and logically appears to be a link between the earlier treatment of illness in demonic medicine and the later treatment of evil influences or bad chi built up in the body” said Sjor, a Buddhist who writes with knowledge about these things. “Ultimately, medical exorcism has ties to religious exorcism, and similarly, religious exorcism ties in with medical exorcism. The two are inseparable because they serve the same purpose – the removal of demons or harmful spirits from the body.” For the entire article, see Chinese Ghosts and Exorcisms. )

24 comments on “Acupuncture: ‘dragon drives out demon’

  1. tobeme says:

    Just checking in. I see that you have not posted in a while. Hope all is well!


  2. Dee says:

    I am happy that the acupuncture worked for you, it did for me last year. The pain has started to come back so need to make some return visits but I, like you, am off to Israel and Plastine to walk where I have never been before. Will be a priority when I return. There is definitely a place for both medicines. Hope you find that nun!!!


    • contoveros says:

      Everyone should receive a treatment whether they need it or not. You know exactly what I mean. It sets a person straight and more able to deal with the curves life tosses ’em.

      michael j


  3. I am worried about you.




    • Don’t fret, my Little Darling L.

      I’ve been combing through my posts, printing some to put into a kind of a book form.

      Almost done, got about another week of work.

      And then I’m off to Israel. Tel Aviv for Kabbalah. Jerusalem for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Finally, a jaunt to northeastern India to see where Buddha got enlightenment.

      May start a new religion when I get back. Looking for some good-looking nuns from Canada. Know of any that may want to take a spiritual bath?

      michael j


  4. tobeme says:

    Thanks for sharing this moving experience. I have been weepy over the past couple of weeks, not sure why. Releasing something. I have been just allowing it to flow, it is cleansing.


    • contoveros says:

      Sometimes weeping is the only way to “open” myself to something new trying to enter into in my Life. Hell, in most cases, my ego prevents me from answering the door from such a call. Tears help me to become humble and seek help from that “outside” Source trying to get within.

      Boys aren’t supposed to cry. But men like Zorba the Greek wept openly. So did Jesus. Ain’t too proud to follow in their footsteps . . .

      michael j


  5. Heart says:

    A chiropractor that I was going to for my back injury, recently closed his doors forever. Wish he was more popular because I felt his treatment was more effective than popping pills all the time. You sound like you are in so much pain, but sounds like it all ended well after the treatment, great!
    Take care.


  6. I am so happy for you. I wish allopathic doctors were not so quick to laugh at alternative healing methods. Learning about what else is out there should be a mandatory part of their training so that they can refer clients whom they are not able to help with traditional western means.


  7. souldipper says:

    Oh boy, Michael J, this is fabulous. I will send lots of love and light in hopes of extending, continuing, assuring…whatever. What a joy it will be to be free. Go ahead and feel the joy. Don’t wait. *She writes in her journal – was bossy again today.*


    • contoveros says:

      Boss away, My Guiding Angel! I’m taking each day as it comes on a “wing and a prayer” while exploring new worlds this man has never walked before.


  8. […] A post by our friend contoveros […]


  9. contoveros says:

    This type of treatment is available to Veterans and their family members every Thursday at 6p and 7p at The Won Institute
    Glenside, Pa.


  10. Mike,
    Sounds like we’re going to have to pass Rochelle this semester.

    I don’t know about actual Dragons and Demons, (well I have faced a few demons of my own from time to time) I am happy for you that it gave you some relief.


    • contoveros says:

      You beat me to the punch. Just sent you an e-mail thanking you.

      Well, thanks again Ed.
      michael j

      PS Pass Rochelle with flying colors!


      • Ed,

        Tell Rochelle a new group of Sufi have begun meeting at the Quaker Meeting Hall of Germantown, Mermaid Lane above Germantown Ave., the first Thursday of every month from 7 to 9 pm. People can drop in at any time for a chat and a chant.
        I hope to attend and spin a dervish whirl or two in between editing of 500 articles I posted here the past year.
        Have put writing new ones “on hold” until then . . .

        Good to see you and meet Diane last night!


        michael j


  11. Viv says:

    I used to practice reflexology, the poor relation of acupuncture and I saw many times how powerful it might be.
    I am delighted for you.
    *hugs and thanks*


    • contoveros says:

      Applying pressure at one spot has the ability to relieve pain in another. What a concept! Eastern people have known this for thousands of years, but it has only become accepted in the West the past 50 years or so.

      Well, better late than never!


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    • contoveros says:


      The key word is “Drives” for this site that either deals with a Chevy, a game, or both. Will be interesting to see if any one has an interest in acupuncture.

      michael j,
      driving along


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