Abide in the moment you just completed

I am complete.

I am finished.

I’ve done what I have done and everyone can be satisfied with my efforts, including — and most importantly — me.

I need nothing more at this moment because a sense of total accomplishment is washing over me, and I am abiding in a fulfillment that comes when a job is done so well, you let yourself relax following such a task.

Calm abiding is another way of describing these moments that are becoming more and more available to me. All I need do is to “let go” of my thoughts toward any task other than the one I am invested in, such as driving the car or finishing a a bathroom shower. Each chore has moments of pauses in between one action and another. It is there whereby I abide. 

For instance, when I drive to a traffic light and stop, I feel I have just completed what I was intended to compete. My task is done. I can sigh in this moment and feel joy at a low level, a level that is kind of humming beneath the surface waiting to kick in when I let my shoulders relax and free up my time. I’m in no hurry. I told you I am where I am supposed to be right here, right now, to include any and all time-consuming events that might have caused some irritation had I been in a hurry as I used to be.

When was that? A week ago? Ten days ago? Another lifetime?

I don’t need to pinpoint my escape from those worries. They dripped away like the last drops from a cold  cup of coffee only to materialize steamy and hot when the caffeine-invigorating wake-up call is needed.

Now, just as the light turns from red to green. I travel by autopilot, knowing I’ll get where I plan to go in all good time. I welcome the destination, knowing I’ll feel completed once again with my contact at work, school or play. Each will lend itself toward my growth, my understanding that I don’t need to stress out, or fill my psyche with any anxiety to spur me to act.


I let water drop from my bottom before reaching for the fluffy cotton towel. I’m wet from the shower head’s spraying the shampoo and soap from my body I am done.

For a moment, I can abide again. Live right now, not after leaving the stall or even dwelling on the next step. Enjoy the cool air. Enjoy the cleanliness I feel as hundreds of drops of water give in to gravity and seek a path to the drain and out to wherever bathwater beads flow and come together as a larger body of water. I’ve just used their lubrication to remove dirt and germs and any toxins from my skin.


Enjoy the now. Feel its completion thoroughly. and relish the moment. Abide in its calm, its process toward whatever the finish line may eventually bring. Live in this moment. and love every moment you can live in it.

2 comments on “Abide in the moment you just completed

  1. baxwitz says:

    I love this!! I’m going to try practicing this, what a great idea for reducing the anxiety that comes from the long “to-do” lists of everyday life.
    Thanks my friend,


    • contoveros says:

      I like taking breaks and enjoying the ride getting someplace. It’s fun when you share the ride with such good friends as the ones we have in our circle.


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