Fuzzy needs Kabbalah Group to grow by

(Unpublished Kabbalah story from Feb. 18, 2011)

Fuzzy needs Group to glow bright

Fuzzy was a Fuzz Ball that wanted to give love to whom ever he met. It all started when he felt a point in the heart materialize, and a wish to bestow came over him.

He’d give love here, there, just about everywhere, every day to every body he came into contact with. After all, he had thousands of tiny fuzz balls to give away. He’d pluck ‘em from his round little body and pass them on trying to ease pain here, create a smile there.

Fuzzy enjoyed his life rolling along, doing good deeds, giving more and more of himself day after day, person after person. But, then one day, Fuzzy noticed that he was running out of fuzzies. And the few fuzzies he had left were not as bright and shiny as the ones he had given away indiscriminately to people who gave little or nothing in return. Not that he expected or wanted anything for the fuzzies he freely gave away! He felt he would eventually run out of fuzzies and wanted to do anything to avoid what for him would be worst than death.

That’s when he came across a Group of Kabbalah Fuzzies. Each member tried his best not to take, but to give. The purpose of their lives was to help others, to do good-by them, and help improve the well-being of people like themselves they called “friends.”

Fuzzy studied their ways, read their books, and listened to their teacher. He noticed the point in his heart that first awoken so long ago was getting brighter. It was enlarging. The more he spent time with these friends and their teacher, the more he desired the glowing Light.

And then, Fuzzy noticed that he was growing more fuzzies. That the few he still had were getting thicker, more luxurious and beautiful in the Light. Fuzzy began to sparkle and beam with glow upon glow from hundreds — no, thousands — of new fuzzies. Fuzzies he never realized a Fuzz Ball could ever accumulate!

Fuzzy had very little to do with the process. All he did was choose to join the Group, to pick this enriching environment. He’d spend more and more time with them, discovering that something miraculous was happening each time someone bestowed upon another. The most glorious Love ever imagined by anyone manifested between him and a friend. Not a mushy kind of love. But one that made you feel totally connected with another person. As well as the entire universe! Fuzzy and the friends were mutually bestowing, sparking a Light that only Someone as Great as the Creator could offer once two or more gathered in His name.

Fuzzy found he had to restrict his bestowal to members of his Group to survive (or, at least continue to grow new little fuzzies). Bestowing to people outside the Group was okay, but it could drain him to the point where he could wither away and lose all his fuzzies. People outside the Group needed to realize it was far better to give than to receive.

Fuzzy still helps people. But he knows what’s good for him. To offer his unadulterated fuzzies within a Group. One day, all others will follow Fuzzy’s Group, or one just like it. And then, all will live happily ever after.

(–2-18-11 Contoveros response to “Concerning the Importance of Society,” Article No. 12, 1984, from “Rabash — the Social Writings”)

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  1. Lilly says:

    I love reading your posts. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can read about The Liebster Award at http://lilliesloves.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/liebster-award/


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