Writing heats up; twice blesses me & you

I am hot. I feel like I have a fever . . . A fever that pulses through me for the past several weeks. It seems this fever entered my bloodstream just about the same time as I started doing twice-a-day meditations with Deepak and Oprah for a 21-day Meditation Experience. Writing in the journal has added to the mix. Where ever possible, I have gone into my treasure bank of some 600 articles I wrote to offer my take on a question or two that I had handled before. It’s amazing how meditation has been a constant in my life and remains the only real permanent fixture we can count on. Buddhists believe that all things are constantly in flux and are changing day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute. There is “impermanence” in this world, the Buddha said. When I can finally realize that deep in my core, then I’ll be enlightened.

Opening to the voice inside can warm anyone’s soul.

I believe the heat or warm feeling washing over me is pure energy. Meditation has energized my battery after forcing it to rest in a calm state where it could fill up with love and compassion. This energy gets increased once I start to touch on it and offer it to others be in through a thought or a deed.

So, I become twice blessed with it. Once when the source dictates what it wants to pass through me – it’s a frail and overheated conduit – and secondly when I write and then edit the offerings for public consumption. I get more out of giving more.

What is it that Shakespeare said about the lawyer Shylock? The quality of mercy is twice blessed? One is for the one receiving the mercy, but it is just as powerful for the one granting that mercy.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Writing will do that to you . . . Writing first and then remembering to bow down to the Source that controls and offers up the writing to you . . .

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