Living with passion; name your 5 favorites

What are your passions in life? List five areas, and describe what quality of energy and joy that passion brings out in you.– –Deepak and Oprah Meditation Experience

Writing is my number one passion. “Loving people”  is another, if you can include such an activity as a  passion. Getting people to laugh and feel good about themselves is a third passion that I enjoy. Seeking and trying to understand another form of spiritually is a fourth passion, one I’d love to do any hour of the day or night. I guess you could say I’m becoming more passionate about  combining all of them into one big passion, one I’d apply to life as long as I could.

Writing brings out a knowledge I didn’t know I had sometimes. I find wisdom inside. I become joyful and enlightened in the very moment I realize something new or different using a sense of a “special insight” I glean after meditating. I can write forever once I hit a stride. I’m not really sure where my new creation will take me. I let it flow and I’ll tell you, I am really surprised later. If I don’t like it, I can always change it. But I usually don’t.

Loving people I believe starts with compassion. I “feel” sorry for most folks. Isn’t that a terrible thing to say? “You feel sorry for someone.” But, isn’t that what compassion means? To feel empathy for another, to understand his or her pain and try to help them take it to a different level? That’s what Deepak Chopra advises when someone asks him how to be compassionate with another. Elevate them, he says. Lift their spirits. Bring them to a place out of darkness and out of despair. If that ain’t a passion for loving people, then I don’t know what you could call it.

Ignite your passion now!

Call me a clown if you will, but I’d call myself happy every time I’d see you smile at one of my stupid jokes or half-witted attempts at humor. Yeah, I was one of the class clowns growing up. The trouble is, hardly anyone laughed. They thought I was simply goofy, or goofing around, if you know what I mean. I’d get weird looks from the girls that I was trying to impress. I thought I‘d get into their good graces through my budding charm and ability to make them laugh. Some did laugh. But it was an unusual type of laughing . . . maybe they were laughing at me in a way someone would feel sorry for a pet dog or cat that got caught in the rain and looked all shriveled up with little or no dignity left to their persona. I didn’t care, as long as it brought a smile to their face and some happiness into their lives.

My best and favorite passion, however, has to do with listening to, and engaging in, spiritual discussions. I love to hear learned men and women take part in a dialogue. I wait until the right moment when I can get my two-cents worth in. Sometimes, that right moment never appears, but that’s alright too.

You don’t know how lucky we have it in the United States, my fellow countrymen (and women). There are so many paths of spirituality here that you’d need a half-dozen of lifetimes to try to experience them all. You know there are many schools of Buddhism. Let’s not forget that Kabbalah is offered with or without strings attached. (Red stings, my dearest Madonna.) Muslims can be Sunni, Sufi or Shiite, just to name a few. And the last time I looked, there were more than a hundred brands of Christianity for which to choose from the spiritual supermarket shelf.

So, can you blame me if I want to try a bit of ‘em all? I can write about the compassion I feel when getting a belly laugh at some spiritual joke I made at no one’s expense except my own. And, I’d gladly pay the price for your entertainment passion.

Thanks for the visit Sharlene.

2 comments on “Living with passion; name your 5 favorites

  1. contoveros says:

    I like your “stillness.” it reminds me of a psalm written and sung by a young David before he became a king: Be still and know that I am God.


  2. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    My five favorites: hiking, stillness, blogging, flora/fauna, mindfulness. Thanks for asking!


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