Mystery key opens door to new adventure

A spirit touched me today. Or, rather, the spirit touched the pair of jeans I had worn the day before and left on a chair after removing them before going to sleep. When I awoke and put the jeans back on, I got the surprise of my life.

You see, I lost my keys yesterday. I have three keys on a large D-ring that is attached to a loop of the jeans where a belt runs through it. The keys were missing yesterday. I didn’t notice it until bundling up and hiking up the hill to get to my car where my son had parked it the night before.

“Uh oh,” I said and added a curse word or two. I left my keys in the house.

Back I trudged getting perturbed at my absent-mindedness. Inside the house, I searched the coffee table where I usually place the keys, but they were missing. Searching the floor and the crevices of the sofa where the cushions separate turned up nary a clue.

Keys reappear out of the blue like magic. The game’s a foot!

I looked in the dining room, the foyer, and even the two bathrooms but could not locate the missing keys. I even searched the refrigerator and the stove to see if I might have dropped them there.

Eventually, I borrowed a set of keys from my son. He had been using the spare car key and I went up the hill, fetched the car and drove to the front of the house to await him to take him to work. (I had already searched the car and my son and I both searched the front lawn, the pavement and the steps leading up to the house. Keys were nowhere to be found.  Not even in the trash cans I had put out for collection the night before. Could  I have dropped them in one of the cans? I might have, I thought.)

With a clearer mind, I decided to do something about my plight. I called a Nissan car repair shop and ordered a new key made. It cost me a hundred dollars. I would still have to get new key-ring cards for the supermarkets and pharmacies as well as LA Fitness card and two library cards I use on a regular basis.

The keys manifested back on my jeans the next day. I couldn’t believe it! They were not on the pant loop the day before. I would have felt them when I pulled at the loop. I would have heard them when sitting at a dining table when they collide with a chair. My son — I call him “Eagle Eye” — would have seen them.

They vanished. Twenty-four hours later, they returned.

I don’t know how it happened. Nor do I have any explanations for this.

I’m not a nut. I’m not crazy. But something scientists call the  “non-ordinary” occurred to me. I’ve been “touched.” By whom or by what, I can’t say, but I believe it is a good source, a good spirit, if you will.

Now all I have to do is allow those keys to open the door to who knows what my next life’s  adventure will be. I hope to have a lot of fun and I’ll report back to you!