Please take me back my love; I need you so!

I miss you. My God, how I have missed you!

It feels like forever since we’ve been together.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I know that it’s my fault. I walked out on you believing I could get along without you, without your guidance without your help. Without your love . . .

I was a fool and I know it now.

You knew it too, but you’re too nice, too loving to ever say “I told you so.” There have been so many times when I tried to go it alone. I’d find small success and material gains here and there, but I’d always end up failing where it really counted. In my heart, in my dreams, even in my soul.

I didn’t know how much I needed someone like you until I hit rock bottom and experienced how miserable life could be without you.

I became the loneliest man in the world. I was too ashamed to admit I was nothing without you. That you were my reason for living, for breathing, for just “being.” I realize now that I truly am a great big nothing without you.

And you care so much for me that you’ve always been willing to give me another chance at becoming the loving creature that the universe had created me to be. I want to be more like you, to care more like you, to give more like you . . . to want nothing in return except the wisdom to know that it is in the giving that we receive, it is in the pardoning that we are pardoned, it is in the death to this world that we can truly find life worth living.

Thank you my Divine One. I hope to be with you as one for now and forever more!

 (A Contoveros Post-Valentine’s Day Card)

2 comments on “Please take me back my love; I need you so!

  1. “Transformation” is another word for “moving on.”

    It involves no guilt as far as love is concerned!


  2. says:

    Thank you for the realization and need to pardon for the sadness and hurt of so many years ago. II need to forgive and move on without guilt and regrets.

    Sent from Windows Mail


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