I am All the Love I Aspire to Be Right Now!

I close my eyes and I enter a world where nothing but love exists within. It is a state of mind I visit more often now that I meditate early in the morning. You see, I roll over in my bed and wrap my arms around me, feeling the warmth slowly develop and then spread throughout my body. I “sense” a flow of energy — liquid energy — like a lukewarm form of lava flowing from the upper arms to my neck and back and then down through the arms, the torso, and then onto other parts of my body.

By the time this clear and cleansing feeling reaches my feet and my toes, I become one with my body. I am one with my bed, my pillow, and the room that I have just awoken.

My breathing is slow and methodical. I am in no rush and am enjoying how cool the air feels as I pull it into and through my nostrils. It soon turns to a warm and comforting breeze as I exhale this life-sustaining gift from God.

Just think. I am working on the very first inhalation I took as a baby when I left the womb and learned to breathe in and out to survive and get on with the miracle of birth provided me. Too often, I have taken that breath for granted. I failed to recognize its potential to lead me inward whenever I needed to find the answers to the purpose of life. It’s simple when you come to think about it. Our purpose is to return to the Source in which we came and to help bring all others back to the divine we all came from and hope to return once our current life ends.

I am who and what I aspire to be in this moment. I aspire to be a vessel of love and compassion which I hope to share with you on this journey we’ve found ourselves together. Our meeting is no accident. It has been planned since beginningless time. I help myself by helping you, by serving you, by loving you. I elevate myself by elevating you and caring for you like a mother cares for her only child.

In writing this, I hope you too can feel the same. If you do, simply love the next person you come into contact with. Give him or her a smile, knowing it will make them see life a little better, perhaps to help them overcome some hurt and pain. Just thinking of providing love to someone else can bring on this warm feeling I generated earlier. You can too. Feel the love within and then pass it on. It will make your day. It will make your life better right now.

Just aspire to be love, to be in love, to be of love.

Now, get out of bed and face the day courageously!

4 comments on “I am All the Love I Aspire to Be Right Now!

  1. Pass the Love (from The Momma & The Kid) | The Spirited Soul

    Here’s a little extra love for you, Michael, & all who are “Love aficionados”.


  2. Today’s “Note to Self” (Yield to Love) | The Spirited Soul

    Amen. Love to you Brother. 🙂


  3. belvathrasher@gmail.com says:

    Just the inspiration I needed today and everyday. Thank you.

    Sent from Windows Mail


  4. I think I’ll pass on this love to the next person I see!

    Thanks . . .


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