Love is the only gift I can bestow on you!

What gifts can I offer the world today? What insight, wisdom, or thought could I bestow on others seeking the healing we need for our mutual pain and suffering?

I am no psychic. I’ve never seen an angel or felt the tingling sensation from a spirit wanting to use me to provide a message or a sign. I’m no medium.

And yet, I feel that the one gift I have is something that all of us possess once we humble ourselves and seek peace and tranquility inside.

I offer you love. A love from the bottom of my heart, from my very being. It’s a love that was implanted in me at the start of this current lifetime. It’s a love the Divine kept hidden until I was ready to see His energy in all things.

What psychic gift could you bestow on the universe today?

It is part of the same love that created this world, this universe, this reality. It is the love that sustains us and will continue to offer blessings to all who are open to its redeeming nature.

Accept this love. It’s really not mine. You see, it’s on loan. I get to keep but a small portion as I give most of it away. Once you feel and accept this love, I get it all back and then some.

All I need do is still myself and go within with the overriding intent to bestow love on you and all of those you come into contact with, causing a rippling effect to bring happiness to all sentient beings. Please pass on this love and be the channel for it to flow. You’ll get the gift of love back before the day is done.

Smile and enjoy the feeling of love glowing inside . . .

Now, give it away and use whatever psychic powers you’ve developed to help bring about a better world, a higher sense of being one with the universe.

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One comment on “Love is the only gift I can bestow on you!

  1. contoveros says:

    Attending what was labeled the “Spiritual Gifts Development Circle” last night, I began to ask myself what gifts do I have as a psychic.

    I met with some 15 other people at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Chestnut Hill, (Philadelphia, PA). We’re members of the Center for Contemporary Mysticism. The facilitator was Bob Kenney, a Medium who had trained as a chemist and worked in the corporate world until 18 months ago. He suggested we experiment with the gifts we had. Some in attendance were bonafide mediums.

    I wasn’t sure of any talent I might have until I meditated and felt an overwhelming sense of love which I shared in this blog post. It is my way of opening to the benign spirits among us to help bring a little more peace and happiness to the world.

    I don’t know if I’m psychic, but I feel a spiritual connection when I open to the Source and let these words flow through me. I see it as my small gift to you . . .


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