Gifts from within that we all might share

Ever wonder what you can do to be more like the person you always aspired to be? You know, the one you hoped you would grow up to be, but didn’t get the chance because life seemed to hit you upside your head and throw you off course?

Well, I learned of certain gifts that we may still have and others that we can develop to be the person —  the “higher person” — that that we visualized at one time. That person still resides deep inside of us. He or she lives in our spiritual center, our soul or the spark of divine love instilled in us at birth.

We all have spiritual gifts to provide. These are gifts not just for saints or bodhisattvas. Nor do they exist just for priests, rabbis or imams. There for the laity of religious groups, those like you and me who want to evolve in two ways: one, to “be good” and secondly to “do good.”

Here is a partial list provided me by a fellow from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Chestnut Hill, Pa., where the rector dabbles in mysticism and other uplifting experiences. He helped to create the Center for Contemporary Mysticism.

Enjoy the perusal.

Gifts of Being 

Friend       Companion       Partner       Gracious Receiver       Self-giving

Respectful       Team Worker       Centered       Prayerful       Reflective

Tranquil       Serene       Trustworthy     Faithful       Trusting       Courteous

Polite       Accepting       Loving       Understanding       Compassionate

Responsible       Dependable       Generous       Artistic       Competent

Hardworking       Efficient       Honest       Independent       Action-Oriented

Intense       Committed       Initiator       Risk-Taker       Innovator

Self-Developer       Helper       Kind       Affectionate       Festive

Happy       Cheerful       Optimistic       Spontaneous       Outgoing

Gifts of Doing

Design       Facilitate       Create       Conceptualize       Analyze       Diagnose

Critique       Interpret       Construct       Build       Repair       Maintain       Caretaker

Precision Worker       Operate       Use Tool       Teach     Learn       Seek

Communicate       Talk       Write       Persuade       Sell       Perform       Demonstrate

Evaluate       Inspect       Inventory       Catalog       Compile       Collect        Research

Investigate       Facilitate       Moderate       Advise       Counsel       Negotiate       Arbitrate

Reconcile       Listen       Encourage       Seek       Wait on Others       Nurture       Heal

Enable       Motivate       Lead       Inspire       Supervise      Coordinate       Organize

Arrange       Display       Compare       Observe       Copy       Record       Compute


“Being” can be just as rewarding for others as “doing” sometimes.

What gifts can you provide your neighbor, your loved one, or perhaps, even your enemy?

Look inside. You’ll find them. Now, place them at the forefront of your awareness for the benefit of all.

2 comments on “Gifts from within that we all might share

  1. This sounds very Christian. Might even have its roots in Islam or Buddhism. I wouldn’t put it past some Hindus or some Jews to have come up with these terms for loving God or the divine that to be calling out to us from within.

    Can I get an “amen?”

    A M E N . . .


  2. Thanks Michael J., for penning this reminder; a most-affirming & encouraging ‘To Do’, as well as ‘To Be’, List.

    We all DO share in one way or another. Just ‘Being’ counts, though sometimes being can be more challenging than doing.

    Make It So & Let It Be. 🙂


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