Abraham Calls Me to the Law of Attraction

I met Abraham up close and personal yesterday and I learned the universe had called me to study the Law of Attraction as voiced by Esther Hicks, the one who channeled for the spirits guiding us back to the Source within.

Abraham then kicked me off the stage at the Philadelphia Renaissance Hotel. I never felt so loved for such a wonderful public rejection. I felt like Groucho Marx who never wanted to belong to a club that would have him as a member.

Abraham knew — the spirits knew — that I could take it, and it got a good laugh from the more than 500 people in the auditorium at the international aiport hotel in my hometown.

“I don’t know why I am here” I told the person used by Abraham to communicate. It was one Esther Hicks who called me to the stage, adjusted a microphone and peered into my eyes as if seeing my very soul. I had bowed to Esther upon running up the steps to take what followers call the “hot seat.” I bowed out of respect to the person in front of me as well as to the wisdom and compassion the spirits inside of Esther had provided a handful of us who visited with her.

I told her I was a member of the Philadelphia Abraham-Hicks group formed on Meet-Up, but was a new-comer, having only attended two meetings. Three or four of my fellow Meet Up friends were in the audience and I imagined I heard them saying a prayer for me.

The next thing I recall was this booming voice that came from this beautiful woman dressed in a black skirt and blouse with a silk shawl covering her shoulders and the top of her chest and arms.

You were called” the voice said.

Utter silence echoed through the room. The only sound heard was the hum from an air conditioning unit attached to the ceiling. I felt a warmth fill me from head to toe. I became sated and felt as if I had finally come home.

I bowed to Esther and to Abraham while seated and was getting out of my chair when I thought I’d ask another question or two.

Stupid Michael J. You had your chance. Abraham answers questions with the precision of a scientist, using creatures like me to teach mankind to seek the “vibration” and to align one’s upper  self with the Source, which I took to be the Creator — or for others, Allah or maybe the Supreme Being. (You can take your pick for whatever label you’re more comfortable with, or no label at all!)

“I do have another question” I blurted out, trying to ingratiate myself with the powerful force behind the voice.

Oh no, Esther said. She indicated that they were done with me and try as I might to stay, the spirits were insistent. I gave in, stood up and bowed to the lovely woman on the stage

But turning to the audience, I raised my arm in a victory salute and smiled the biggest smile a Greek boy could smile from beneath his newly purchased straw hat.

I know what I want and where I’m going now. I hope to use the wisdom I was born with to return to the Source and share love and happiness with everyone.

Come along and get aligned with me!

2 comments on “Abraham Calls Me to the Law of Attraction

  1. souldipper says:

    Oh, I inhaled every word, Michael. I’m so glad you have a Meet-up group! Wow. I need to know the approach your group uses since it may be possible to start one in my spot on this globe. Isn’t it interesting that we connected through blogs and end up paralleling a learning curve called “home”!!

    I now find being out of the vortex is just too uncomfortable. It’s so noticeable and gets my attention immediately. How do people manage who live with folks who gaffaw or diminish this path? Love the journey and so glad it’s another part (depth?) of life we share.

    Onward and inward, my friend.


    • contoveros says:


      This is the very first time that I am using the audio part of my iPhone to write a message over my blog.

      Isn’t it great to have so many new avenues available to watch even though they may not all join together at the same time?

      The vortex… I have to learn more about this.

      I’ll have to learn more about the vibrations. This is really exciting. And I can’t think of anyone else I would call on as a friend along this journey and someone like you Amy.

      And may the spirit of Abraham smile upon us always!

      Michael J

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