Meditation helps the Law of Attraction

“You don’t need to work when you are meditating,” Abraham told a young woman who was called to the stage to question the spirits about issues she was facing Saturday. She was among some 15 persons who shared the “hot seat” at the Renaissance Hotel near Philadelphia’s International Airport for a workshop.

The message resonated with me and I hope everyone of the more than 500 in attendance took it in and will try the 15-minute exercise once a day to see how easier it can be to get in touch with the Source energy within.

You simply ‘let go.’” Abraham said, while Esther Hicks, the one who channels for the spirits said, looked deeply into the eyes of the woman. She had complained that try as she might, mediation seemed to be a lot of hard work on her part. It didn’t come easy to her, a red-blooded American girl who knew nothing of Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other “Ism” that introduced followers to such a practice at an early age.

As Esther and her husband Jerry said when told of the benefits such quiet stillness of one’s thoughts could offer for alignment, they felt it was foreign to them and their way of life. They were resistant at first, but soon learned how it could help one focus on the energy and the vibration of unconditional love. It also helps you to focus on what you really want, and that is key to attracting it into your life.

Esther said that meditation wasn’t something that she could see herself doing,” Abraham told the group at the Philadelphia workshop. “In her mind, meditation belonged in the same weird categories as walking on hot coals or lying on beds of nail or standing on one foot all day, holding your hand out asking for a donation

Abraham suggested that all of us watching Esther on the stage become aware of the sound of the air-conditioner system that was “humming” in a pipe hidden on a long narrow attachment to the ceiling of the auditorium.

Meditation and beliefs will soon become your desires!

Soon you could hear nothing except for that hum. It was a continuous sound that was like “white noise.” It was soothing and quiet if you know what I mean. It was also a way of meditating, Abraham said, adding that meditation was nothing more than fixing one’s awareness of the present moment using our five senses to simply be in the moment.

“Let go” Abraham said as Esther Hicks softly intoned. “Just let go.”


I can’t wait to try this when I sit alone or with a group to meditate. I will just let go and focus on nothing but what my body is “sensing” in the present moment. No, it won’t be working. It will be aligning me with what I have always known was deep inside but was too afraid to let go” to find.

2 comments on “Meditation helps the Law of Attraction

  1. miakorsgaard says:

    Interesting, will try this too.


    • contoveros says:

      This is new to me. I’m still trying to get my head around it with the help of some friends

      It makes a lot of sense to me, particularly, when I’m thinking, like right now, and I don’t seem to have the control over the thoughts as I would like.


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