All senses call out to me when meditating

Meditate mind

Closing my eyes, I open all my senses to group meditation!

The smell of lavender and a hint of myrrh greet me as I walk into the meditation room. I had not expected my sense of smell to be the first one to experience such a warm and inviting welcome. I should not have been surprised. The olfactory system is the first sensory organ I usually use, and I’m not too proud to state I am usually lead by the nose.

Essential oils are sold at the site and sprayed from small blue bottles to elevate a person’s mood as soon as they walk into the Inner Light Holistic Center, just north of Pottstown, PA.

It was that way in church too, I seem to recall. The priest would burn the incense and wave the gold encased device back and forth as I followed him in the procession as one of several altar boys. The incense always made me feel holy, if one can actually experience such a state. I felt uplifted and “in the right place” if you know what I mean.

Well, the second sense touched at the mediation room was through my hearing. There was a low melodic sound coming from speakers situated in each corner of the room. It provided the sounds of soft flutes and drums mixed with a heavenly sound of high-pitched voices, angel-like voices that seemed to call out to me to humble myself before the greatest power the universe had ever heard or seen.

I saw my fellow meditators. They were full of smiles and sparkling eyes as they greeted me and either gave me a hug or a hearty handshake or both.

I grabbed a cup and filled it with ginger tea, a warm beverage that woke up my sense of taste with its unique flavor. (I made sure I got another one upon leaving to sip on the way home. I have learned that there’s nothing quite like it!)

Finally, I slowly maneuver to one of the chairs left out in a circle. Sitting, I feel the warmth of the padded substance against my butt and upper thighs. I relax my arms over my thighs and assume the position and . . .

I disappear into another world, one of a spiritual essence that’s been calling out to me all day long, all my lifelong, it seems. I become one with all and love with all my heart and soul.

I wish the whole universe happiness and the urge to someday join me and my fellow seekers.

2 comments on “All senses call out to me when meditating

  1. contoveros says:

    Welcome back.

    It’s pleasure to see and read you again!

    Michael J


  2. soulstrand says:

    Gosh… It’s so good to be back to my blog and now see those familiar faces and read the inspiring posts… It did take awhile to “recover” my account that I left dangling for way too long! I look forward to reconnecting with those like minded folks! Namaste, Diane


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