Taking time out from Facebook now & then

I stopped Face-booking some 48 hours ago and I can’t tell you how free I feel!

I also didn’t look at my e-mails with the exception of one from which I needed a date to mark my calendar for next month (July).

Did I break a habit, a long-standing one? I kind of think so. I’d go on Facebook every day after sorting through my g-mail under contoveros@gmail.com. I’ve been doing this for about a year now.

Time out needed to refresh my self again

I’d spend about an hour each time, scrolling until I found something interesting and then I’d click the link saying that I “like” the message. If it really moved me, I’d even “share” it over my own Facebook forum. I’d arrange for it to appear on what is called my “timeline.”

Trouble is, I was checking out Facebook and my e-mail two, three or even four times a day. I don’t know why. I simply got hooked on knowing what other people were saying and in my own small way, a chance to stay in touch with people without being in their physical presence. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a social animal and I meet with people at Sunday services, meditation groups twice a week as well as acupuncturists once a week and a friendly doctor at the Veterans Administration hospital about twice a month. That doesn’t include my therapist for PTSD once a month, as well as my son, who I see twice or even three or four times a day.


Almost 48 hours now. It’s been tough. I wanted to check out my blog to see if anyone was reading my entries. I fought the urge and meditated instead. In fact, I have sought out other activities to pursue instead of going on my I-Phone or laptop computer. I’m reading more and watching more movies on television.

I paid some bills, exercised at LA Fitness and am spending time in a public library as I write this. I see and commune with real life people and enjoy seeing them return smiles I gladly offer whether I know them or not.

Try it. I think you’ll like it. You may get back to those chores you’ve been putting off, or to the books you meant to read but saved for a day at the beach or the Jersey shore.


I feel that I have more purpose in life . . . That I can do more things face-to-face with persons and in a group. It’s refreshing and novel to say the least. I hope I can do this more often as time goes by and I become less dependent on this virtual reality that I created for myself . . . Once a week should be plenty for me to catch up on the stuff offered on Facebook.

So, if you really want to say something to me, give me a call. My cell number is 215-805-0256.

I’ll talk with you then!

One comment on “Taking time out from Facebook now & then

  1. It is habit-forming and I think we all should take a break from it every now and then.

    I like the idea of meditating when the desire to go onto Facebook arises. Abide in the rising. Abide in the moment.

    Just abide!


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