Open yourself to hear the Universe speak

Listen to what the Universe is saying. It may speak to you in ways you might not understand unless you’re open to all means of communication.

I personally try to go with the flow. For instance, I planned to take money out of a fund created for my son more than 20 years ago to pay for four new tires on his car. They cost more than a thousand dollars. I called the firm that held his stocks and had obtained the necessary paperwork to sell off 30 stocks to get $1,200.

I misplaced the paper work and no matter where I looked for it I couldn’t find it.


Opening to the Universe needs to be practiced daily!

I believe that I am being told by forces around me and within me that that is not the source to get the money. I’m listening to something that is more than just a coincidence. It is a guidance, a nudge into a direction other than the one I had planned to go.

I’m listening to the Universe. And I’ll seek a different avenue for the accomplishment of my task.


It can be as simple as that. But only if you open your true self to listening in different ways!

Listen. You can hear the Universe speak if you but let it . . .

4 comments on “Open yourself to hear the Universe speak

  1. Listening is key…drown out the noise with silence & you will hear your answer, direct dial. (:


  2. I love the focus of your blog, and the truly unique, experiential approach you take. I especially appreciate Open Yourself to Hear the Universe Speak. There are times when I open myself to the all-pervasive, non-dual essence which unites myself and all that I might see, hear, smell, taste or touch. If I am present – via the senses – to what is present in my immediate (internal and external) environment, every sound I hear is the universe speaking. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all expressions are clear, and I also do need sufficient context and insight to understand the message that’s meant for me. But in truth, all speech is the universe’ speech. Every direction I might turn, I see only the face of God. So pleased to have made your acquaintance. By the way, I’m a Sufi too. Bismillah er Rahman er Rahim! Alhamdulillah!


    • contoveros says:

      “La ilaha ilallah.” (There is no reality, but the reality).

      I wish that I could always be open to what the Universe is saying to me. Too often, however, the voice of my ego becomes so loud that it drowns out the softer, kinder voices that are encouraging me to listen to the heart, rather than my base desires.

      I find that meditation allows me to listen better and to hush the often angry and greedy monkey mind. It is when I still myself that I can “feel” the Presence of God.

      I also get it by hanging out with like-minded people and when reading Blogs by some pretty fascinating people who seemed to have dedicated themselves to helping others reach a higher level of consciousness.

      Like you, my new and dear friend.

      I look forward to a blossoming of ideas and insights we can share . . .

      Michael J

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