Taps by my Emotional Freedom Technique

“Unclean” is what my traumatically injured wife said about an aspect of my spiritual journey that I shared with her. I must have scared the hell out of her because she looked shocked and confused. I didn’t mean to hurt her or make her upset.

But the words she used went straight to my head before I dealt with it in my heart.

I had attended a workshop on EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, which involved the tapping of several meridian points after setting an intention for some wished-for experience or help. I initially worked on a headache I had and by golly, it worked. The ache receded and by the time the class ended, I was headache free.

In between, however, I tapped on my face, chest, and underarms, helping to release tension and anxious cells in my body.

EFT works like a meridian charmer. Try it! You’ll like it . . .

You first tap on your hand. You tap on the karate chop section at the base of the hand. Make your intention known to the Cosmos and then get into the thick of things. That is, your face.

Using both index fingers, start tapping above the eyebrows, gently striking the spots above the eyes for several long seconds. Next. Move to the sides of the eyes, tap, tap, tapping along. Follow that up with taps to the bottom of the eyes, especially in the area where all of those wrinkles seem to gather in a dark mass.

I like the next one. You tap at the mustache area where the indented point is above the lips and beneath the nose. Next, focus on the chin which is soft between the tip of the chin and the bottom lip.

From there, you move both hands to the top of your breast cage. I think it’s called that. Just tap above the collarbone. Then go to the front of the neck where I believe your thyroid is. Following that, you tap at the bottom of the rib cage and then turn yourself into a monkey by flapping under your arms, — just above the bra area, if you’re a girl. It is this spot that makes you look like a monkey. I didn’t care. I was into the movement by this time and I felt my spiritual ratio increasing with each tap, tapping.

The last spot to tap is your head where the crown chakra is. Tap away, my good friend. You’ll enjoy it.

Now, do it at least two more times before relaxing and taking in the warm, peaceful feeling.

I am so sorry that my second wife – a born-again Christian — didn’t like it. She suffers from a traumatic brain injury she received from a fall several years ago and new and different things introduced into her life upsets her nowadays.

Maybe she’ll enjoy “Tapping” in her next incarnation.

4 comments on “Taps by my Emotional Freedom Technique

  1. sparrow says:

    correction.. leoparcy…


    • contoveros says:

      Sparrow , did you mean to say leprosy or leoparcy?

      I could touch either one like St. Francis did when he realized he must overcome his fear of loving the poorest amongst us, even those that someone might someday call “unclean.”

      Michael J


  2. sparrow says:

    Thanks for sharing this diagram… next time just say

    “I am waiting for your touch to clean me up for that is what Jesus did to the man with the leopard.”


    • contoveros says:

      I recently heard from a holy man who told me that God had a message for me and you. That message was the following:

      “I made time just for you.”

      He also made Himself into flesh and dwelt amongst us as His son who came to earth to purchase us for our freedom. That’s what the base word “redeemer” means:

      “To purchase.”


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